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posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

Hi all, if you have not received your refund within 3-5 working days from the point you requested it I'd recommend you contact our customer service team via phone or email.  

You can view our different contact details by following this link scroll to the bottom of the page, you will be presented with the call and email options:



posted by stormin63 | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

Hi, after closing my account last Dec i was promised a refund within 14 days ! it is now nearly 6 weeks later and still no refund.... have tried calling but get stuck in queueing system, what can i do ?

posted by Lindayounger | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Was told I would get my refund back twice still not got it so have been told to give u one more chance to sort it

posted by AJJ1964 | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

In the same boat.  We have never received an "Annual" assessment on our account.  Every time we click the link for a refund, we enter meter readings etc and still nothing.

Finding Scottish Power to be organised by the creators of Groundhog Day.  We are in credit by well over our annual bill and yet we cannot get a refund organised!!!

posted by Clararaff | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !


I received a letter 2 weeks ago stating i was due a refund.  I have spoken with one of your customer service staff via chat.  He was very helpful and expained to me that i would recevive it via bank transfer within 5 working days and again no refund has appeared.  

Can you please advise when i will be getting this?

posted by Debbie | A year ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
I gave Scottish Power a final meter reading on Friday 3 August 2018 when I moved out of my property and was told it could take up to 14 days for the refund, On Monday 20 August 2018 over 14 days after submitting a final meter reading and receiving an e-mail earlier from Scottish Power the refund as still not been refunded. I rang customer service on Monday 20 August 2018 to be told it would be refunded in my bank account within 48 hours, 48 hours later and still no refund. Terrible service received and false information given. I am due to move into my new build home in September but will not be using Scottish Power to supply my power due to this resent poor service, I have never had any problems with Scottish Power until they owe you money, the longer its in their account the more interest they get.

posted by Electricity1968 | 11 months ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
I am new to all this, but have found trying to use Scottish Power website very difficult even for the simplest thing like emailing them, getting on an online chat, posting a new topic on the community.
On the subject of refunds of credit balances I believe this company has taken £9 from me in some sort of hidden fee. Last week I provided meter readings as required in order to get a refund and it said £115. When I checked my bank balance there was a credit of £106, so they stole £9. I didn't do a screen cap so I cant prove it but in future I will.

posted by Jonnel | 11 months ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
When you ask for a refund it usually insists you make a one-off payment and/or increase your direct debit. Are you sure this doesn't account for the missing £9 ? I've had several refunds and they've never charged me, they just wouldn't let me have everything they owed me.

posted by Electricity1968 | 11 months ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

Thanks for the reply. No they didnt get me to increase the direct debit payment. As I say, after submitting the readings the screen said £115 credit but I only got £106 in my bank account. I had an online chat with a Scottish Power rep but he simply denied it. The lesson is always keep a screen cap. Good to know you havent been chaged though. Maybe i made a mistake.

posted by Jonnel | 10 months ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
If you have an online account the other thing you could do is download the bills generated over the period immediately before and after you got your refund to see if they tally up. Refunds show up on the bill too. If you haven't had a bill since the refund, read your meters and put those true figures in, and it should generate a new bill re-calculating your account balance. If the £9 really has gone adrift unaccounted for, it will show up there. Not having a screenprint wont matter because downloading the bills will give you evidence of where the shortfall happened and your own bank statement (with your account details wiped off) will prove you were shorted. Get a complaint put in and chase it.