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posted by Gabbott | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Hi, I'm in credit in my account, how do I go about getting a refund . I've just entered my readings.

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Gabbott, if you go on your account summary page you'll find it on the right under 'request a refund' near the bottom.
Be aware, sometimes SP will want you to enter readings again, sometimes they want to up your direct debit and sometimes they'll only let you have some of your credit. It'll also take up to 21 days for the money to show upnin your bank account.

posted by Jennie | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Hi I informed you that I moved on the 21stof October but house still on the market so my tariff was changed. I have had to call in 3 times now to find out where my £261 refund is!!?? When will this be paid into my account. I was told a cheque would be sent but have always paid by direct debit? Also the rude man on the phone said I need to submit actual meter readings which I did back on the 21st of October when I called to change tariff. Please can someone tell me where my refund is. I've been waiting since 21/10/18???!!!

posted by Af2909 | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
Shock horror 14 days have passed despite the email stating it would take 3-5 days.

Radio silence on social media too. What I don't understand is that as everything is now automated why does it take 14 days? It's not as if they have a team writing cheques as if it was 1989...

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

Many large companies have a payment cycle and only pay bills once or twice a month. I don't know if SP do this, but it could explain the delay. I don't know why they use cheques when most customers have DD setup and a BACS transfer would be easier, I hate travelling to a bank and paying in cheques, it is so old fashioned.

posted by kat1 | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
I asked for a refund last week and was assured it would be in my account by the 4th of january, but i am still waiting..

posted by Capyboppy | 3 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I was told my refund after leaving,  would be credited to my bank account within 14 days which would take it to the 12th March. It is now the 15th and there is no sign of it. As it is a substantial amount I was relying on it to bring my monthly payments down with my new supplier. How much longer am I supposed to wait?

posted by paul-m | 2 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I spoke to SP on 5th March when i moved property and was told that i had over £300 in credit. They asked if i wanted it back, so i said yes. It will take up to 10 working days i was told. On 25 March i phoned to see where it was. I noticed my account is at zero. I was on hold for an hour and gave up. I phoned again yesterday and the same happened. I phoned at 0800 this morning and waited a further 35 minutes so i booked a call back for 0944 onwards. They phoned back and i was on hold for over 1hr 10 mins before i hung up. I just want my refund.

Two questions

1) are you gonna pay my refund?

2)Am i in a contract with you?

Sort it out quickly as i am not at all happy.  

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !
@paul-m At risk of stating the obvious, have you checked your bank statement? Refunds are usually transferred by BACS directly to the account SP hold bill payment details for and you wont be told it's there, it'll just appear. If you pay by dd, the refund will go direct to your bank account, likewise if you pay by card the refund will go back on your card. If you pay by any means other than by giving SP your bank details they'll send a cheque, so there's a chance it's gone astray. The bad news is this is a customer forum and no one here has access to your account. Neither is this forum monitored by SP so you're gonna have to persevere with the phone if your refund hasn't snuck in under the radar.
Are you certain SP have correct bank details and postal addreas for you?

posted by kquig001 | 2 years ago
Re: Where is my refund? !

I am over £300 in credit on my account and requested a refund weeks ago as I wanted to close my account instead of renewing my tariff. Still no sign of my money, the online chat has been useless, waited 3 hours for a call back and a further 20 minutes on hold. How do you get in contact with this company? Or put in a complaint against them?