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posted by gazza7251 | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Actually Morrison Data Services only visit addresses requested by Scottish Power.

So please don’t blame the messenger.

The Meter Readers are given impossible targets to read 75 per cent of the jobs issued and told to stay out in the dark and freezing cold to achieve this target. The company is only paid for reads obtained which is why they chase up jobs and call back again.

Scottish Power then only send out jobs not accessed the previous quarter making it even more difficult.

The call back cards actually show the Scottish Power Logo and any reads obtained by call back cards are registered as customer own reads to show that the meter has not been inspected.

They are only paid for actual reads obtained which is one of the reasons there is high staff turnover .

posted by casmo | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?
Morrison data never attempted to read my meter. They just sent a letter asking me to read my meters and post them the information. I chose not to bother with the middle man and just submitted my information online as usual with Scottish Power.

posted by Midboy | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?
It does not matter whom any or all of the energy suppliers employ , whether G4S or now Morrison Data Services to collect and check out your electricity and gas metering systems , be it old style meters or new smart metering from time to time ..
All customers whom contract to receive supply of gas and electricity via metering services should realise that this equipment and energy is the responsibility and liabilty of your supplying company and belongs to them and these service are potentially dangerious and as such you are contracted to allow any of there chosen reprenstives to check out this equipment ,.,Customers should ensure that these services are always accessible for inspection , the read is only recorded for the purpose to ensure that it is up to date and that everything is as it should be , in good working order and with no sign of either tamper or fault .. It is not false economy to employ these services as it is not the property owner or occupier whom are the responsible parties, should things go wrong such as blow outs or fires... Then if you as the customer deny these services access to check out your meters and should things then go wrong , your supplier may then have a mitigating case of that liability because you denied them acesss .... it’s no big deal for me to allow access to any chosen representiive on behalf. of my supplier If everything is kept in order and Safe ! It good job done in my opinion ...

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Well said Midboy, enough of these complaints about meter readers, let them get on with their job.

posted by maltrent | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Meter readings submitted online 7th December and uptodate bill issued.  Some chap (his English was lacking) rang my doorbell  and said he was calling to read my meters.  His identity badge said "Morrison Data Services".  I told him that I'd already submitted them online to my supplier.  He then asked me who my supplier was!!!!!  Told him that I was not interested and closed my door.  Thereafter he posted a card through my letterbox which said "Urgent Action Required - Meter Readings Required".  My MPAN numbers were filled into the boxes, which were correct, so he obviously was working on behalf of Scottish Power.  No wonder their standing charges and unit rates are so high if they are paying the additional costs for Morrisons Data Services.

posted by whizzbang | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

OK - here's my best advice:

1. Do NOT respond to any letters sent by Morrison Data Services

2. They do not have a phone number on either their written correspondence or their website - BEWARE!

3. If you have recently chosen to move supplier from Scottish Power, wait for your new provider to contact you before giving ANY readings.

4. NEVER give any utility company your phone number!

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

This topic has been discussed a lot. Morrison is a contractor for SP and many other utilities.  If Morrison only need a meter reading you can ignore them if you send a reading directly to SP. If Morrison need to INSPECT the meter, it is a statutory duty to ensure safety and reduce crime, so you should definitely give them access.

Morrison people should carry clear ID, but may not know if your address is for SP or any other provider, it is not sinister, it is just the way they work.

posted by tp1234 | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

As above comments, why supply a meter reading when already done online. Tried entering data as requested and would not accept without a valid reference, this was not on the card that the Morrison data bloke left. Not wasting money on a phone call, so binned the request.

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Quite right, you can ignore them if you send diredt to SP

posted by Roddy | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Only today I have come home to find a Morrison's card marked in big red letters "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED".  No references or logos to Scottish Power. Why do they only want the Electric reading and not the Gas? Why do they need any readings when I sent them to my account only two weeks ago?  Too many scams now and the legitimate companies need to be aware that they are sending unsolicited strangers to the homes of old and vulnerable people. Never mind cutting costs on behalf of your shareholders. Start considering your customers. Today, for no good reason I have had to read my meters again and submit the readings. To hell with Morrisons! To hell with a smart meter as well! If I want to change suppliers, the thing is no good anyway.