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posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

It is rather odd, Morrison’s read the meters for SP so maybe they are checking the accuracy of their meter readers? There should not be any need to provide more than a one-off confirmation. As you say you provide meter readings to SP, and Morisson’s are merely checking, which still has to be done occasionally. 

posted by Sceptic | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I have received an unsolicited letter purporting to come from Morrison Data Services.  If this had come by email I would have seen it as Phishing.  So I propose to do just that.  If it is genuine then I would expect scottish power to email me accordingly.  That is what they normally do to obtain meter readings.

posted by Xophmeister | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I didn't get an unsolicited letter -- at least not yet -- but I received two unsolicited text messages from Morrison Data Services this afternoon. This prompted me to search for information about this, which led me here. I'm not giving out such information; I've heard nothing from Scottish Power to assure me that this is legit.

posted by is2506 | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I received a text from these people today & wasn't convinced so have ended up here. I particularly loved the wording "We are attempting to read your meter on behalf of Scottish Power." They made no attempt! I read my meter about 3 weeks ago after the usual email request & submitted it. Also, if the meter has to be read by someone other than me every so often, surely they shouldn't be asking me to do it for them???  I think I shall just block the number.  Glad I found you guys :-)

posted by walkebb | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I usually deal with all the correspondence on behalf of my elderly mother who has dementia.  I am very wary of providing data to a third party and this is no exception.  It may be that Scottish Power have sent a letter to customers advising them of Morrison Data Services however I haven't seen anything and others on here seem to be in the same position.  It's prompted me to register online and send the data direct to Scottish Power on behalf of my mother (who does not possess a computer) and therefore bypass the third party who appear to be getting employed for something Scottish Power could easily do themselves - request a phone call or online reading from their customers.   

posted by Kess | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Likewise, I just got a text from Morrison Data Services claiming that they've been "attempting" to read my gas meter (they didn't try very hard - it's in a cupboard on the outside wall of the house) and requesting I send them a reading.  I sent Scottish Power a reading only a few weeks ago!  What's going on?


posted by IanSix | 3 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I recieved 2 Text Messages from these people, I responded with yes sure please forward me your Credit card and PIN. Actually recieved a letter today (no credit card or Pin) decided to give them a call (was on work phone) Asked who they were why they was contacting me, I got the response we trying to read meter for S.P.  and got no answer when we came round. I pointed out that had they came round then they could read meters as they are outside so there no need to enter house. There response changed to oh we are trying to do it online. Spent the next 10 mins pointing out the new laws with regards to Data protection and could they let me know how they keep my data safe (I have no idea what the new law is but worryingly they did not seem to know either) I'll not be giving them any readings 

posted by StaceyD | 3 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Does anyone from Scottish Power read these comments? It would be good to have a response from them. 

posted by Enderdaddy | 3 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I have now complained to SP and the response was unapologetic, I was never informed this company would be used and I don't like being contacted via text and letter if I don't have a clue who Morrison Data is!! i'm sure they have not tried to read my meter as somone is home 90% of the time and no cards have been left, so what is the point in giving them a reading myself, i will be leaving SP when my contract is up, mindless waste of time and money employing another company who doesnt even want to read my meter themselves!

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?
This thread has generated a lot of comments. a lot of companies outsource activities and it seems that SP have outsourced meter reading, but they should have told us about it. I don't think there is any risk giving Morrisons meter readings but if I had a choice I would send my readings direct to SP, I presume very few people are actve enough to send in readings and instead of chasing up data SP have decided to use a contractor, it is quite common these days. You can use Morrisons or ignore them; any comments from SP moderators?