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posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

It will be hard to avoid Morrison Data Services, they work for most of the fuel suppliers and water suppliers. 

posted by geofftheref | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Not only are Scoittish Power using Morrisons toi send out letters trhey also use them to send operatives to your address to read your meters. The only problem is this, This morning I have been sitting less than 30 feet from my frontdoor, and 5 minutes ago I heard the letter box and realised that the postman had delivered mail. What I did not expect was to find inder the post a card from Morrisons Data Services saying Sorry I missed you when I called to read your Electricity/Gas meters. There was no knock on my door the operative has just pushed a card in the letter box which dropped to the floor when the post was put through. What a waste of time and money

posted by bunty | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?
We didn't even get a letter. A man just turned up unannounced on the doorstep. Said he was checking the meter. He didn't check anything, just took a reading. He woke my husband up who is recovering from brain surgery and dragged me from the far end of the garden. All the provide a reading which I happily do myself online, either when the mood takes me or when SP asks. "What are you checking for " I asked "Oh in case the wires are hanging off or something" Really ?????? Luckily we have a big dog...

posted by hv31 | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?
I received a letter from Morrison DS asking me to submit GAS reading only. And it is an 0345 .. number and costly.

I thought this was a scam asking me for personal details,, DOB, banking details etc. This has happened before.

I submitted readings to SP instead. I am still holding on after 25 minutes to find out if Morrison DS is fake ..... What a waste of my time and money ringing you SP?

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

This subject causes a lot of comment. Morrison Data Services is a large reputable company working for nearly all the utility companies. However if you do not want to deal with them ignore their communications and put in your meter readings as usual direct to Scottish Power.  But it is important to put in meter readings if you are asked for them, whether you give them to SP or Morrison.

posted by StaceyD | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

Not a problem with Morrison's actually going out and reading meters and thereby fulfilling their contract - but it does seem that they are not fulfilling their contract if they simply ask customers to provide online readings, as we already do direct to SP. Morrison's turned up to read our gas meter (we are on dual fuel) last Thursday - no problem, except our meter is in the garage, it was raining very heavily and we were still in dressing gowns. Asked the meter reader to call back in 20 minutes to give us time to dress - he said, "Sure" and went off never to return. Now wondering whether to expect a letter from Morrison's stating we had refused to allow the meter reader in - this has happened before in similar circumstances.

posted by kay | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I received one of Morrison Data Services letters today and can't understand why I have to give them my meter reading online or over the phone when I already do that for Scottish Power.  I would have thought Scottish Power would have informed us that Morrison are going to start collecting the data. Why do they want the meter readings twice??

posted by Chelsea1 | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

posted by Hooloovoo | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

This has bugged me for a while.  The meter reader is supposed to do two things:

  1. Check that you're not fiddling the meter or tampered with it in some way
  2. Obtain an official reading from a trusted employee, since the readings we provide ourselves aren't guaranteed.

When you're not in, they push through a card asking you to fill out the readings and leave the card somewhere for them to collect, or in a window visible for them to see the numbers.  How does this in any way meet the two requirements above?!? How are those readings any more reputable than the ones I already enter once per month via the web site?  What an utter waste of time and money.


posted by Doug | 4 years ago
Re: Why use Data Services?

I've just received an email informing me the SP ar increasing my bill by 6%.

I can't but help think that if SP weren't paying Morisons Data Services for a service no one wants, and which isn't actually needed, maybe we wouldn't have to pay SP more than we currently do.