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Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP

posted by Skorp_Gem | A year ago



I recently moved from EON to SP and I had a EON smart meter fitted.  On the SP smart meter registration page there is a suggestion that SP do not currently have a solution for the meter that has day/night reading?   I was expecting SP to be able to 'take over' this smart meter and provide a compatible display meter. I assumed the whole meter rollout was to be provider independent therefore for SP to say they dont support dual reading meters is a bit baffling to me. 

SP don't appear to address what must be a typical FAQ for many transitioning from one provider to SP. It would be useful to have a list of meters or Providers that can be 'taken over' Perhaps I cannot find the information!

Advice from other users in the same position as myself would be appreciated.




posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP
There's been a lot about this in the press, I'm surprised you missed it. At the moment, all smart meters supplied by any firm will only work fully with that company. Switching suppliers 'dumbs down' your smart meter so it can't transmit readings to your new company. Think of it like this: if you have an O2 sim in your phone, you would have to 'roam' to use Virgin's infrastructure and make calls... well, there is no infrastructure as yet for smart meters to 'roam' so they can't transmit their data to that different supplier. There is no way around this until the new generation smart meters come out - the SMETs2s - and their rollout has been delayed several times. In fact, the SMETs1s everyone has, have been having a lot of teething troubles, so much so some people wish they'd never had them put in.

posted by RikTheMix | 12 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP

Hi, I guess this is one of those self-help forums that are the modern alternative to proper Customer Support but here goes.

I grudgingly swapped to Scottish Power because a comparison website suggested I might save money by doing so. I was with Eon and had Smart Meters installed by them. Unfortunately Scottish Power are not compatible with Eon Smart Meters, but might be soon ("by the end of 2018"). Should I change back to Eon and leave you to it? It's pretty obvious Scottish Power have not shown any priority in solving this basic issue.

posted by Jonnel | 12 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP

@RikTheMix Absolutely right - this is a self-help forum. Both Scottish Power customer service agents are tied up full-time sending out "Your complaint is important to us" messages, and have no time to actually solve anything.

As far as your query goes, I would say it's important to draw a distinction between saving money and acquiring the convenience of a machine that (sometimes) reads your meter for you. As has been covered in the press at length, there are little to no actual savings of any significance to be made from having a smart-meter fitted - £20 a year, if that. It's therefore more cost-effective to save money by switching tariffs rather than expecting to save enough money to be noticably better off by having an active smart-meter. If you can find a tariff that suits you best - in the sense of high user/low user benefits - and you do the math to see it would be cheaper, (and more convenient, ie: DDs) I would do it. The better tariff for you might be with another supplier, or it might be with Scottish Power, but I seriously doubt switching back to a previous supplier just to have your smart-meter's 'smart' capabilities re-instated would prove to be a financial winner. At the end of the day, the choice is yours - what's more important to you?

posted by cherrybomb | 4 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP

So has anyone had issues with changing supplier? I am with E-ON just now and have their smart meter fitted but I'm in the process of changing over to Scottish Power. Will my smart meter work or will Scottish Power have to change it? 


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP
If your eon meter is smets2 ( a recent installation) then it would probably work with SP but you may have to send manual readings for a while. SP will not change the installation.

posted by Dexterno1 | 4 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP
I’m simply furious with all this! Yes I still am an EON smart reader owner! Both meters. Can’t get any info out of them.
Swapped to ScottishPower by Look after my bills. Left a “chat” open on my app. No one replying. Ffs!

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Will the EON Smart Meter work with SP
@Dexterno1 Not sure what the problem is Display not working or blank screen on meters. The meters need their buttons to be pressed. You must send manual readings to SP the smart feature of the Eon meters will not work ( although maybe it will if it is a smets2 version meter)