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add a name

posted by beezerbill | 3 years ago

Hi can anyone tell me how I add my wifes name to my account I assume they would have to speak with her to make sure its okay Thanmks in advance


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posted by mickeydee2018 | 3 years ago
Re: add a name

Hi, please call 0800 027 0072 to do this.

posted by beezerbill | 3 years ago

mickeydee2018  Thanks for your help all sorted thanks again Doug

posted by Luke_McGibney | 2 years ago
How to add a name

Currently, I have been waiting nearly an hour to try and establish how to add my partner to my bill.

It's a joke.

People have said that you need to call but can you not do this via e-mail as Scottish Power customer service on the phones is dreadful.



posted by eddie13 | 2 years ago
Re: add a name

I’ve the added problem that my wife who’s named on the bill now has dementia so can’t give informed consent .Any ideas.? 

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: add a name

Sorry to hear that Eddy. 

If you email contactus@scottishpower.com they will be understanding and add your name to the account. Make sure you quote name address and account number on the email and explain the situation.


posted by mohammed-wahdy | 9 months ago
Re: add a name
Hi, Die to the covid19 the help line as mentioned above is only for emergencies etc. I need to have my wife’s name added so how do I do that? I would appreciate if someone could reply soon as I need to get the bill as proof of id for an application I have to submit. Thanks

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: add a name

@mohammed-wahdy   It is very difficult to get that done right now. Mayby you could use your own SP bill together with a copy of your marriage certificate?  If she is on the voting register you could use that also.

posted by Bikash | 8 months ago
Re: add a name

I just phoned the 0800 number to add my mother-in-law's name who lives with us but was told that I cannot do so? Can you tell me why as all the other suppliers I had in the past didn't have this problem? 

posted by Davc | 8 months ago
Re: add a name

@Bikash   If you want to access your mother in law's account get her to sign in to her account and then you can manage it for her.  I dont think you really want to add her name to your account, there is no point in doing that.