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posted by Bikash | 7 months ago
Re: add a name

As my mother in law lives with us and she's a pensioner which means she would be eligible for the warm house discount. so, that's why we're looking to add her name to my account. Can you please just let me why I'm not able to do it? 

posted by whiteowl | 7 months ago
Re: add a name

@Bikash  As far as i am aware energy accounts have only had one name on a acount as they will be resposible for the bill.  Even students living together have to nominate 1 person to take reponsibilty for bill, this was what my daughter had to do.   If your mother is in the core group she should make sure DWP are aware of this then when you apply for next years WHD. 

posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: add a name

@Bikash     To be clear, pensioners qualify for Winter Fuel Allowance, you register with DWP, not your fuel supplier.  Normally if your wife's mother gets an old age pension she will also get the WF Allowance automatically.

Warm Home discount is different.  It depends what benefits you are on, even if you are below pension age.  Those in the 'core' group with DWP get the Discount paid directly by DWP regardless of your fuel supplier.  Those applying to their fuel supplier for help have to give evidence of benefits, and apply each year.  That is the benefit for which you have to be an account holder with the supplier, but your mother in law is not the account holder and so cannot apply for this benefit.