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cannot submit readings for refund

posted by miseryswelters | 4 years ago

hi all, i submitted my meter readings earlier today, im £116 in credit, so i logged back in a few minutes ago to request a refund and its saying submit meter readings to be able to get a refund, so i have re read them and submitted them and its not letting me re submit for a refund it is saying something about a date prior to today? im confused,what am i doing wrong or not doing? should i retry tomorrow?


many thanks in advance


Top answer

posted by  TommyD | 4 years ago
Re: cannot submit readings for refund
Hey @miseryswelters - this is my first community post so go easy Smiley Happy I think what might have happened is that sometimes when you put readings in, if they fall out with some parameters that the billing system is looking for, they don't generate a bill right away. Instead the readings get stored and someone takes a look at them first, if they are ok, they are then used to create a bill.
To get a refund you need to have billed within the last few days to make sure the balance is up to date. I would suggest waiting till you see the bill getting created then go back in and request the refund - you will get an email when your bills are done. Hope that helps!

posted by miseryswelters | 4 years ago
Re: cannot submit readings for refund

thanks for fast reply, i pay monthly by direct debit which is next due to go out on 11th of this month, so does this mean i submit a reading on the sameday then request a refund? 


thanks in advance

posted by  Gordon | 4 years ago
Re: cannot submit readings for refund

Hi @miseryswelters as you already entered meter readings yesterday you shouldn't necessarily need to enter them again to request a refund, once you get an email telling you that the bill has been generated you should be able to go ahead and request a refund online before your next Direct Debit comes out.