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posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: cant pay bill

@Annmariegray59   Sorry to hear that but bills must be paid.  Talk to Citizens Advice


posted by TaraColette1888 | 4 weeks ago
Re: cant pay bill
Am i right to assume you are in receipt of benefits? If so contact the benefits office and ask to be put on fuel direct if you dont have a prepayment meter, they will only take £3.70 a week off for debt and then work out how much will come off of your benefit depending on your usage. The benefits office pay SP direct and will only take what you can realistically afford. Please find a link below. Covid 19 has thrown a massive spanner into to the works and has affected us all greatly some more than others unfotunately and the insensitive comment from someone i just read stating the obvious 'bills need to be paid' really p****d me off.. no s**t sherlock but when your world has literally been flipped upside down a little empathy wouldnt go amiss, so glad you are managing your bills ok and not having to go hungry just to make sure you line the fat cats pockets who im completely sure could do what paypal and some credit card lenders have done and give the destitute people, people who are truly struggling, a payment holiday of a few months with 0% interest added, until we can all catch our breaths again.

I hope this link helps there are a few on the fuel direct scheme if you google it.