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changing tariff: variation from quotation

posted by Trish29 | 10 months ago

My current tariff ends on 30 April 2019 and I have looked at quotations for new  tariffs.  I currently pay £78/month dual fuel, and there were 3 tariff offering similar prices.  I clicked to choose the 'online fixed saver April 2020'  tariff quotation at £75.95/month, but then was presented with the 'Your Energy Basket Summary' showing the new price would be £84/month, with no explanation as to why this is nearly £10 dearer than the quotation.  

My question - how come there is such a wide variation between the 'quotation' and the checkout price?


Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 10 months ago
Re: changing tariff: variation from quotation

@Trish29 I would imagine this is due to a re-calculation for your tariff starting in winter rather than a generic calculation geared towards winning customers by calculating at summer payment rates. In reality, the difference is immaterial as your actual bill will always depend on your usage rather than any DD value. Both you and SP can change your DD value, but the unit rate and standing charges are the fixed prices you should always compare when choosing a new tariff.

posted by xxx | 10 months ago
Re: changing tariff: variation from quotation

I have an online fixed price energy fixed to august 2019, which I have paid fully in advance and yet I have just received a bill. Could anyone explain where this comes from?

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: changing tariff: variation from quotation
What do you mean you have paid fully in advance? You don’t know how much fuel you will use from Feb to Aug. Normally you pay monthly DD against your regular meter readings. You will always receive regular bills even if you are in credit.

posted by Ah3 | 10 months ago
Re: changing tariff: variation from quotation

I had exactly the same, spent 45 minutes webchat with an advisor who could not give me an answer, got him to work out my 12 monthly usage which agreed with the £74 per month quotation. He still could not explain why then they wanted to set my direct debit at £87 per month. Told me to just take it and then change the direct debit payment amount myself!!! 

posted by IanW | 2 months ago
Re: changing tariff: variation from quotation

Same issue here. Moved into our house on 9th September, and have just received the first welcome letter (addressed to the house owner in Southampton - we're in Gloucestershire) that put us on a standard tariff. Pick the online version quoted at £94 per month (gas and electricity), and the quote comes out at £112! That wasn't the offer. Where is the button that says "No, that wasn't your offer - I want to accept your offer" button.

Very deceptive. Thinking of cancelling due to this.