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changing tarrifs

posted by aceone | A year ago

I am on a tarrif that is due to run out at the end of January 2019. I am looking at the 

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posted by Ernie_C | A year ago
Re: changing tarrifs

Who knows what tariffs will be available at the end of January?

Your choice is simple. Take this tariff now and any cost implication of it between now and January or wait until end of January and see what’s available then - maybe this tariff, maybe a better one, maybe a worse one.


posted by Lornalou | 4 months ago
Re: changing tarrifs

I a man really disappointed at online service. Tariffs due to change but when I choose another tariff which at beginning quotes a certain price when you get to end of process the price is always much more. I had no alternative but to accept this. What is going on here


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: changing tarrifs

@Lornalou  and others.  When you are invited to apply for a tariff they quote you'Typical User' costs.  You then put in your annual consumption and it works out what you personally would pay if you go ahead. You can cancel the application within a two week cooling off period.