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check your Tariff costs, Variable vs Fixed

posted by DavC1 | 4 weeks ago

Variable rates are (roughly)

April to October 2022  Gas 7.6p/kwh, Electric 28.3p/kwh

October to April 2023  Gas 11p/kwh Electric 43p/kwh    (the 50% incease was mentioned by Ofgem)

If you are costing a fixed rate deal, compare the costs with these standard variable rates.


posted by maryjanepicton | 5 days ago
Re: check your Tariff costs, Variable vs Fixed

I have a problem.

I switched to Scottish Power Fixex Tariff February 2024 when my last period expired with your company.


Why have the rates beikng charged for my usage increassed so much?   I understood it was a Fixed Price which was before the large increase in costs started in April.   There is an error on the amount of energy I use.  I do not use any heating from 1st April.      I am about to go to the Omb udsman as I don't seem to be able to get a response at all.


posted by DavC1 | 5 days ago
Re: check your Tariff costs, Variable vs Fixed

@maryjanepicton   Your fixed rate from feb 2022 to feb 2023 covers the high costs in that period.  The standard variable rates increase in April and October and will probably be more expensive than your fix.   The key to understanding is to look at the unit costs for your gas and electricity on your fixed deal.    Secondly, to get accurate bills send in regular monthly meter readings, that will solve your problem of wrong heating costs.   Thirdly direct debits build up a credit in the summer to carry you through next winter, that is why your costs have immediately increased.   It's the same for everyone and no need to involve Ombudsman, your account is charging you correctly.