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posted by Sbitz | A year ago
Re: move gas and electric meters

Apparently, they lied to me as well!

When they tried to convince me to move to Scottish Powe, I asked them if they can move my gas meter because it's impossible to be read by my partner who has a disability. They told me that they will fix this as it's only less than 1m the distance to reposition the gas meter.

Now they told me to contact National grid and they are "sorry" because of the information given by the seller agent. Sorry? After they lied and made me do a contract with them and I have to pay if I want to end because of obvious reasons?

I've been told to wait for a call from them. I'm very curious if they will keep their promise or not. I don't have too much hope after I read from other people experience with SP...


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: move gas and electric meters

If it is really less than 1 metre that you need the meter to be moved then it is probably within their discretion to reallign it. What you have to pay for is a significant change involving rewiring/repiping (is it gas or electricity?)  There is a standard charge for these moves which you pay to the wiring/piping authority not SP.  SP normally only replaces meters in the same location.