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old style fuse boxes

posted by PT7 | 3 years ago

does anyone know if Scottish Power helps with changing boxes where the fuses need fuse wire to more modern trip switches please?


posted by thomas | 3 years ago
Re: old style fuse boxes

They don't - I enquired about this.


posted by oliveja | 3 years ago
Re: old style fuse boxes

However this moves me on to a not dissimalar topic. The guy who did the wiring for my smart meter needs to go on a course i think! I have had a very reputable Firm of Electricians testing all my electrics and have asked me to recontact Actival who did the work as the Fuse box wiring is well below standard - loose wiring and two conector boxes which are not property secured. However how do you get hold of Actival-had my phone on for half and hour over last 2 days and no contact. Given up but one last try tomorrow before lodging a Complaint with Scottis Power who outsource to them.