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posted by slushypup | 2 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

Thx. I've been trying to contact this useless company for forever. Why don't they just make this information easily available? 

posted by Clueless | 2 years ago
MOVING HOME but no longer need SCOTTISH POWER services

Hi Scottish Power

We have sold our house (completion 10.05.2019 and moved out 10.05.2019). Last reading is 09757.  

We No longer need your Gas services as the house we are moving into a friends house and they are paying the bills.

So please just let us know last amount and email the outstanding  and we will pay  - thanks Isabelle  

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

Hi @Clueless , you need to send your details to customer services, the Community knows nothing about your account situation.  Write to 


posted by sanyo | 2 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

go to OFGEM website and get their contact or this attachment.

posted by aries8 | 2 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"
I am moving house and the buyers solicitor has asked for a copy of the FIT tariff agreement with Scottish power. How do I get a copy ?

posted by MarianP | A year ago
Re: "Contact Us"

please can you let me know where I can email a picture of an electricity reading in the future as discussed with an advisor tonight. I would also like  my other closed accounts removed so only the current one is visible.

posted by Greengrass | A year ago
Re: "Contact Us"
How the hell can these ppl be contacted, EVERYWHERE I try puts me round in circles and log in EVERY TIME, bloody ridiculous, well if you can't be contacted you'll just have to wait for your money

posted by Cmonyawns | A year ago
Re: "Contact Us"
I am interested in getting a Smart 2 fitted however in the past the fact that our gas and electric meters are at the back and front pf the house respectively has been an issue.
I have tried to see from your FAQs anything addressing this point but have failed so far.
There does not appear to be a contact email address either.
The link lauded to does nothing!
Scottish Power's agents have been less than efficient in the past when arranging meter fitting and this does not fill me with confidence.
Please put my mind at rest if possible.

posted by rach21 | A year ago
Re: "Contact Us"
Please can you send me an email address to contact Scottish power about my account? Contact details on links supplied don’t include email options. I am working during call centre opening hours and prefer written contact. This is urgent as I am getting very frequent emails from Scottish power which I can’t comply with and they are threatening penalties, but I can’t explain the situation.

posted by rach21 | A year ago
Re: "Contact Us"
No you can’t - there are no email addresses.