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posted by manijeh | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

what is your vat

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

The VAT number for SP is printed at the bottom of your bills. 

posted by Kitwe | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

I have been trying to conatct Scottish Power for most of the day in order to resolve some problems with my account following moving house. Have followed all the links in the community and help sections and have been round and round in circles to no avail and being on hold for roughly 3 hours. Including following the call back and then being put on hold. Trying to remain a customer but they are not making it easy.

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

posted by richardh | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

File a complaint and report to the Ombudsman, I have as this is always a problem and when you do speak to an adviser they  are told to tell you information that is not true, this was how the complaints advisor for SP told me.

posted by Lorrainew | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"
What a complete stressful time trying to contact scottish power. "We are experiencing a high volume blah blah blah, one hour later got on the chat page(cant help). As 4 the options.....what a joke. Scottish power - take the shame. Im leaving, good luck everyone.

posted by GMBray | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

Most of what I read is out of date. There is NO "Email Us" any longer. Customer Support is none existent as far as I can work out. I've tried the App. Entries on there just go unread for days and then a useless response is provided leaving zero satisfactioon - sadly!! 

posted by yeknom09 | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"
i'm loosing the will to live here , i just want to send an email explaining that i've been in hospital and will be paying my bill at the end of the month !!! i dont want to download the next generation anything and i certainly dont want to speak to anyone on the phone as i've had a throat operation , perhaps carrier pigeon would be best !!!!!. many thanks scottish power .

posted by areukidding | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

"Your call will be answered between one hour and fifteen and one hour and thirty minutes from now."

I thought this was some kind of joke to start with. When you're calling from overseas, it's no joke, so I hung up.

4pm on Tuesday UK time but chat not available. Why not?

Email address? Anyone? Anywhere? Nothing on the site.

Horrendous. Well, they'll get in touch when I get a court summons I guess...

posted by Nasrinzhn91 | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"
You didn't update my correct address . You gave me again flat 11 flat 11 two times but i need to one time. So you have to correction and pls give me my right address by post.

posted by sanyo | 3 years ago
Re: "Contact Us"

I tried all the means and went to ofgem website and got their contact email, it is          ecoenquiries@scottishpower.com , it work and I sent them the email and it not bounced back.