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smart meter, not

posted by cam11 | 3 years ago

Has any one  else had this experience? We had a smart meter installed and then immediately removed as "the signal" locally was not good enough, the previous meter was put back in. Since then the  electricity has been read for billing purposes from the smart meter which had started at 0 - goodness knows where that is, it's not in our house, I have been sending readings from the original one. We have only just realised from the itemised bill that the meter serial number SP is billing from is different to the one in our cupboard. I told SP in November that the smart meter had not been installed/activated and received a reply from Customer Services so they cannot say they did not know. Every time I phone they tell me I have a smart meter. Any one have any luck convincing them? And getting a correct bill, based on actual usage?


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posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not
Problems with meter registered numbers are difficult to deal with. Make sure SP know about the problem in writing to contactus@scottishpower.com

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

Hi Jean, you can request a smart meter on line, or you could send an email to contactus@scottishpower.com


posted by johnlench | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

How can i give a reading with not METRE  Have been promised one since going to scottish power BUT have never received one AND HAVE ASKED MANY TIMES both by phone direct ALSO by mail.

I f it means completely ignoring  scottish power UNTIL SOME decides to do some thing about it (that is how it is working out at present. lost count of the times of asking. and really sorry I changed to Scottish POWER .BAD MISTAKE  SOMEBODY PLEASE WAKE UP AND DO THE JOB. (acc No 16052436922

posted by omendata | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

Never install a smart meter they wont save you money, are a fire hazard , can be hacked and you are giving away information and many installers are not installing them properly - apart from the fact anything that is new and is rolled out is always prone to errors - Just like Microsoft updates - trust them not - always wait until they have been proven if you are desperate for one otherwise you are just a guinea pig for the companies that are pushing this nonsense about it saving yoi money and being easier for you - nope its easier for them - think about it - no need to pay someone to read your meter its all about saving them money - NOT YOU - Use yer noodle and follow the X-Files advice  TRUST NO-1.

I work in IT securIty - believe me or just google it and check Martin on the moneysaving website!



posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

You're absolutely right, the SMETs 1 meters are unreliable and not future-proof. The SMETs 2's are a little better, but by no means perfect. This is because when they're installed they're set up to communicate with the current supplier and when customers change supplier (as we're all advised it makes economic sense to every now and then) the new supplier can't always read the data transmission. Also, home wifi coverage is often inadequate for the SMETs 1 or 2 to work efficiently and continuousy, hence they give incontinuous/misleading/inacurrate readings.

When you consider they don't actually save you any money anyway (you have to DECIDE to switch stuff off yourself, and actually DO IT) I don't believe they're worth the hassle at all. Well, that's wrong actually, they DO save the fuel companies money... They may be fitted free but the cost of them is built in to EVERYONE'S fuel charges, so whether you have one or not, you still pay for them.

It's no wonder half of Europe decided not to roll them out yet.

posted by Vlinder63 | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

Why do we NEED smart meters? I am 55 - when I went to school energy bills  were basic maths questions! The gas equation is more complex than electricity because some units of gas give more energy than others! The equation to work out reading to usage and the actual cost is on the back of every bill and very simple to check/predict with a calculator.  Electric is v easy = unit price times units used+ vat.  I am very aware of my energy usage because I only have small income -so I am a low user anyway!

What I find frustrating is the differing levels of  standing charges between companies - Scottish Power has one of the lowest for Gas but the Electricity standing charge is about the same as all the rest - which does not help low users!

As I said  before -  WHY do I need a new 'smarter than me' meter? Having one will NOT reduce my usage and I am more than capable of giving monthly readings - if thats what 'they' want!

posted by omendata | 3 years ago
Re: smart meter, not

They call them "smart" so that all the sheeple will buy into it!


Its you that has to be "smart" to enable them to work and make savings; nothing smart about the meters,

Even the old Horstmann k series have problems with radio frequency if you live in a valley or area with bad reception so it cant set the time properly and you end up with massive bills when you thought you were getting your storage heaters and leccie cheap on White meter between 11pm and 7am when its actually on in the afternoon as people in a certain Welsh village in the mountains recently found out to their horror when they got their £500 monthly bills lol


posted by F_Wayne | A year ago
Re: smart meter, not working


We had our smart meter installed a few years ago but IHD only worked for a few months and then It went off. For a few days, our lights kept flickering and sometimes it will make the fuse box trip and today we had total power loss. Our smart meter display was blank and not showing any lights or numbers. We had to call SSE to come and have a look. Their engineer came and changed the main fuse and our smart meter made a big spark and the fuse went off. I was very surprised that we couldn't find any helpline from Scottish power as they were all closed on a Sunday. We were in limbo and no power at all without any help or guidance what to do from ScottishPower. It has been very sad and distressing Sunday. According to the engineer, it is the smart meter which is a faulty one or definitely needs to be looked at for a full safety check. But we have to wait till tomorrow to find out if there is any help available. The whole system is very bureaucratic where one company will not touch or provide any assistance to another. We have one company which is your network provider, then you have another company which can be your service provider and this creates a huge obstacle to get things done in an emergency.