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posted by whiteowl | 7 months ago

Just had a text telling  me what date i have when my  smartmeter will be fitted. Then another if i would like to rearange go to my account. When i do and click get a smart meter it says, hi we  can't install in your area yet will let you know. Now when i rearanged it last time i could change the dates as it had on to click this. So, as i may have to change it again due to  a hospital appointment.  Who do i believe.    I suppose i could phone SP or just let them come on that date and not be in. What would you do.

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posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: smartmeter
@whiteowl. Good luck with the installation and your hospital treatment. Reading the community the installers often fail to turn up so if you are forced to be out when they call, too bad, they can come back again later. Make sure the installer gets everything working before he leaves and make a note of your closing and opening meter readings. Dave.