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Change of tariff issue

posted by SebasDiaz | 3 months ago

So, I am a new customer in ScottishPower and when I created the account, following  the internet site guidelines the best tariff that I was proposed was £98.36 fixed price. This is more than what I expect to use. So, today I went to my account entered the current meter readings and clicked on the link Change your tariff. Several tariffs were offered, and I chose the following one:

2 Years Fixed Price

£38.94 /month

£467.18 /year

Price security until 30th April 2022
100% Renewable Electricity
No exit fees
Support Cancer Research UK

I click on Choose tariff, and on the next page the following appears:

Your Energy basket:

Fixed Price For 2 Years

Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver Apr22 OL v2

£40,825.32 /year

£3,402.11 /month



Any ideas on what might be going on? I think there might be some kind of problem, or maybe something that I do not understand about it.

Thank you very much.



posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Change of tariff issue

@SebasDiaz    Crazy numbers, the first  quote looks unusually low and the energy basket looks unbelievably high. I hope you did not go ahead with the tariff.   These wild numbers sometimes come from the app, usually the internet browser to the SP website works better. Let us know if you used the app.  and if you have more success on the website. 


posted by RP | 3 months ago
Re: Change of tariff issue
Don’t change to them. The customer service is bad enough and the complaints process is way out of hand. They are based out of UK and lie. I gave my annual energy usage from the previous supplier to them and was offered direct debits of about £126 and within 3 months in have altered the payments to £286 and are giving me all sorts of excuses. My Usage hasn’t altered and they claim it’s due to winter months. If I had stayed with the previous supplier, my monthly payments would have been around £150. I am waiting for the final response from them and forward the complaint to OFGEM