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posted by Nelson | A week ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

Well folks this is now day 43 without any connection to the PowerUp app and no correspondence since 02/02/2018. According to this last correspondence my complaint is still active, albeit when i access the complaint tracker to check on it's progress - it states that their are no outstanding complaints !!!! Customer Care are due to get back to me with an update today - nothing has arrived. I was unable to enter meter readings at the end of Jan as I cannot access the PowerUp app and I cannot enter the readings via the Scottish Power account site. ( I don't understand why we are unable to enter meter readings other than via the app?) My current contract, according  to my own estimate will have  ran out by now, so where do we go from here? This is becoming like a game of hide and seek - I am seeking - SP are hiding!



posted by Davc | 7 days ago
Re: Power Up App Connection
What a Saga Nelson, you seem to have a login security problem which once you can 'get in' should not interfere with the account. However you are now on the more expensive day-pay tariff so you should be pressing for compensation because you have not been able to buy a longer term cheaper deal. They will be chasing you for payments soon I expect.
I would ring them up and say I want to talk through login problems with the technical team. When I first joined PowerUp I had a password problem and a very helpful person reset my account and talked through the process as I generated a new password.
After this if no sucess your only recourse is to go back to a traditional tariff, or leave SP altogether.