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Power Up App Connection

posted by Nelson | 2 years ago

posted by Nelson | 2 years ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

I have used the Power Up App for the last 4 months without too much problem but since udating my meter readings on the 31st Dec i cannot now log into the App. I have reloaded the app twice on two Apple Devices, reset the password 3 times, still without success. I have contacted the support centre who have passed me on to the Power Up team and i am waiting for them to call. Meanwhile i am due to make another payment, but cannot as i am unable to log on via the app. Can someone explain what is going on?

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Power Up App Connection
This sounds like a tough one Nelson, Contact the complaints team and get a reference number. If it has worked for 4 months why should it stop? (sure your password is right?)

posted by Nelson | 2 years ago
Re: Power Up App Connection
I have now reset the password as requested by the Online customer service team on at least six occasions over the last 12 days - NO SUCCESS. still cannot get into the app. All this started at the turn of the new year. Has someone checked to see if there is a software flaw relating to the change of year. As there were no problems from September until the 31st December this cannot just be a coincidence !!!!

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

Hi guys! Thanks @Davc for giving @Nelson your advice! We've looked into @Nelson's account and can see there is an issue which we are in the process of resolving. @Nelson as soon as we have an update for this we'll be in touch.


Hi Nelson above is a copy of Rebekah's (administrator) message posted about 12 January. As they know about your problem I am surprised it is still not solved, what else can be done? 

posted by Nelson | A year ago
Re: Power Up App Connection
Well we are now into day 23 and no further forwards. I was supposed to be contacted this afternoon by phone - no one contacted.
I sat here like a dummy waiting for the call - what a waste of time! If this is customer service - need i say more!
I still cannot access the PowerUp app - so what's new?
This is now a Saga not a complaint and my confidence in Scottish Power, as well as my patience, is wearing very thin.
In my company had we treated customers in this way - we would have been out of business!

posted by Burnside | A year ago
Re: Power Up App Connection
I am equally frustrated: I signed up for PowerUp at the beginning of the year, I've tried a couple of time to close my Scottish Power account (meter reading, make payment, etc.). I land on a splash page telling me that all is well, and that I'll receive an email with a link to download the new app ... and then nothing. I downloaded the app (several times), just to see, but when I try to log in, it tells me "You do not have a PowerUp account registered to this email address". Called customer service (third time today - no surprise: they are experiencing heavy call volumes), and each time they say that the PowerUp team sees my account and there is no problem. "Just sign in, and if there is a problem our end, we'll call you back. Is there anything else I can help you with?" ??

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

Hi Burnside, the App password is more demanding than the Web password. It needs minimum 8 characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers, and no special characters. If your password meets these conditions then your only hope is to ask the help team to speak to someone, if not, then change your password on the web account and try again.

posted by DHogg | A year ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

My old SP Tariff ended last night(31 Jan). I switched to PowerUp on 12 Jan and got a confirmation screen to say all is done but I didn't get a confirmation email.
I tried logging into the PowerUp app but it said I wasn't registered with PowerUp, use the YourEnergy App.
I waited until 16 Jan to follow up with SP. The HelpDesk person could see I had done everything but there was a problem and the account hadn't transferred to PowerUp. I was told this happens occasionally and I should repeat the process.
I did this several times but all I got was repeated small bills and no PowerUp registration.
On 25 Jan I'd had enough and called SP again. This time a complaint was raised. The next update of my complaint was to be in 2 weeks, after I had been switched to a more expensive Tariff. There were no details of my complaint in the email sent, just an outline of the complaints process.
Last night I again contacted SP and said I as my existing Tariff was expiring and I didn't trust SP spoken assurance (I've never had it confirmed in writing) that as a matter of good will SP will refund any overcharge, I wasn't willing to wait, I wanted the matter resolved. I finally got a call this morning, that was very revealing.
There is a known fault in the PowerUp sign up process. Randomly PowerUp registration fails and once it fails there is no way (at present) to fix the problem as they cannot identify the cause. That account cannot register for PowerUp.
The problem is "Known" as in they know it happens but they don't know why. I was told that this was well known in the technical area but apparently not conveyed back to HelpDesk. They hope to identify the cause sometime in the next couple of months. PowerUp is new technology and not compatible with the existing SP systems. This explains why it is labelled as Beta. Where I used to work a Beta version was ready for consumer testing  but not ready for consumer rollout.
Had I been told on 16 Jan that I could not register for PowerUp, I could have started to look for the best Tariff with Scottish Power or elsewhere. Instead I have wasted my time on waiting for something to be fixed that SP knows they cannot currently fix as the cannot identify the problem. When I asked if Ofgem were aware that SP was promoting a Tariff that they cannot support I was told that Ofgem is well aware of the  problems with PowerUp. As SP continues to push PowerUp I can only guess Ofgem hasn't told them to cease promoting PowerUp , at least until it is fixed.
I'd be interested to find out how random the PowerUp  registration failure is.
      - Has anyone actually managed to sign up to PowerUp?
      - Is it only small consumers like me who would save on PowerUp, where registration fails?

posted by DHogg | A year ago
Re: Power Up App Connection

One further slight update. According to SP my complaint is now resolved.
They advise "We're happy to confirm your complaint is now resolved. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to sort this for you."
What's more it will show it was resolved in 8 days. They've met their KPI
Advising the customer the system is broken, we don't know why and we don't know how to fix it is not in my book resolving an issue. Now that they've closed the complaint, maybe this means it can be handed to Ofgem to at least advise them of dodgy practices