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Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

posted by staylor3uk | A year ago

I have been using Powerup for around six weeks now after some intial issues trying to log in, that eventually a nice lady who knew what she was doing sorted it by resetting my password as I was moving from a dual fuel tariff.  Since then I have used the app to enter meter readings several times, however I logged into the the app on 29th Jan on my iphone to enter my readings and afterwards the electricity screen adjusted my credit and lenth of time as usual, however the gas screen now just says "We are currently unable to show your gas balance" I have waited a few days to see if it clears but it has not, ive put new readings in today to see if that would rectify it but not.  Any idea's as to whats going on? is there a dedicated phone or email address for powerup enquiries?

Have attached a screen shot, as I can log into my acount and see my electricity usage and everthing else works fine but im now unable to buy any gas packages.



posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

Hi @staylor3uk thank you for highlighting this.  Can you confirm what smart phone you are using to access your app?

posted by staylor3uk | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left
Im using an iPhone8 with iOS version 11.2.5

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

I have had similar when one contract expires and it does not automatically move on to the next contract. Did your gas problem coincide with a contract running out? If so it seems a fairly common problem usually sorted aout by waiting 5 days and putting in a new reading. But maybe your account will need attention from SP's end as well.

posted by staylor3uk | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left
Hi Davc, Thanks for your advice. I had around 8 days of gas left before I entered my readings and had used just two units more then anticipated from the reading they were showing, so should of had at least six days of gas left, was entering readings so then I could buy another package. Now I don't know when my current gas package will expire and cannot buy another one, hopefully someone from Powerup will contact me as I have emailed Customer Service. (The electricity part of the app seems to be fine however I still have 142 days left on that one!)

Top answer

posted by  Gordon | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

Hi @staylor3uk, there is an automatic check that is performed whenever you enter a meter reading to identify if the read entered is sensible. If the automated check thinks that the reading is outside a certain range of what is predicted then the meter reading is sent for a manual review by a customer service agent. It sounds like this is what has happened in your case, what I would recommend is waiting 3-5 working days for the manual check to be performed and you should be able to see your gas balance again.

With PowerUp the Gas and Electricity contracts are separated which explains why the electric balance is fine but the gas balance is not showing. 

posted by staylor3uk | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left
Hi Gordon, Thank you for your comments. The reading I entered for my gas was just 2 units over what was forecast so its nothing over the top, however I have had a response from CS who I emailed also and they advised me to log out the app, delete and reinstall it and log back in, I did this and nothing has changed from before I can do everything on the app except see the gas balance and buy another package, so I will wait 4 working days as you suggest and see if anything changes, thanks again I will update you!

posted by staylor3uk | A year ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

Just an update to all interested, I waited 4 working days then re submitted my meter readings again and to my amazement the Gas useage screen and the ability to buy another Gas package reappeared.  So Gordon it looks as if you knew the answer to this one, thanks again as nobody from CS has contacted me to date.  

posted by Fedupnosuprise | 10 months ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left
I left SP last year due to them messing about with my direct debits. Comparison website suggested they were one of the better comanies this year so I thought I would give them another opportunity to benefit from my hard earned cash.
I started to rejoined on 16th August, I have tried numerous times to register but am told I am already registered. I then try to Log in, this also fails and I am told to request a temporary password. I try to get a temporary password and am told that I am already registered!
I have made several calls to try to get it sorted and am told it will fixed. Today I tried to register again-failed so I phoned again I was advised that the website was now ok and I could give my readings online, I was sent a temporary password. I explained my concerns and gave my meter readings saying that I would log in and put my readings online and that I also had concerns about my direct debits because i had recieved an email stating that they had been reviewed and increased. I asked for clarification and was assured that the sum would be the original figure quoted.
I then tried to Log in, guess what it would not accept my readings saying there was an error! So I made another phone call, explained all yet again and also requested an email or letter confirming the sum of my direct debit. The operator was explaining that there was a problem with the system and that he would be referring it to their IT dept.. He was about to issue me with a job number when the line went "dead". I tried to call back but was not prepared to waste more time being passed round their automated system then have to explain myself yet again. I half expected the operator to call me back as I had to give my phone number a number of times during the morning to pass thru' their security, sadly the operator did not think this necessary. I then tried to "talk" to the Helpline again without success!!
Finally I thought I would raise these issues in this forum, I was asked for a user name and chose "Fedup", guess what, it's already in use!!!
Wake up Scottish Power!!!!

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Power Up App stopped showing what Gas left

Hi fedup. Your problem is that the system remembers you from the last time but is not allowing you back in. You will have to be patient while they sort it. SP's IT problems are well known.

You have posted in the section for PowerUp users, your comments should be in the My Energy section.