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Power Up with scottish power

posted by graemed | A year ago

I find it impossible to actually sign up to this new tarrif. I got a confirmation message once 19 days ago but no confirnatory email was received.  Customer services are next to worthless and I was originally told that they couldnt do anything with PowerUp as it had to be completed on line. That is my problem. I vcamt get past te option of transfer balance or credit page. When I press proceed  I get an error message saying no internet connection.  Obviously nothing wrong with my internet and impossible to get amy response from the customer service. 

I have made a complaint but it is going nowhere slowly. It is like war of attrition. The people who are reading the complaont do not understand or cannot read English and it os a system filled with frustration. Has anyone any ideas on how to progress this matter?


posted by Michael | A year ago
Re: Power Up with scottish power
This one's for the designers of the 'PowerUp' app: how do I print my bills? I need them for tax and identity verification purposes.

posted by  Rebekah | A year ago
Re: Power Up with scottish power

Hi @Michael unfortunately you can't print your bills from the PowerUp app at the moment but this is something we are working on to have available. Alternatively, if you go to the my messages section of the desktop website you can view, download and print your bills from here. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

My Messages - Website.JPG

posted by Greatorex | A year ago
Re: Power Up with scottish power

I have tried to change tariff over to power up I have confirmation of applying but have never received email to log on to app to purchase energy. I have sent numerous emails and phone calls but not one person can rectify the problem. Who can I contact to get issue resolved ? 

Did you get yours sorted? 

posted by graemed | A year ago
Re: Power Up with scottish power

Eventually. After two months of being given the run around PowerUp completed it manually. I never received an email but things seem to be OK now. All I was trying to do was to pay SP some money. Who knew it could be so hard. 

I was not impressed with the process.