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Power up pay as you go

posted by cathyjoy | A year ago
Can anyone help me please, we had our smart metres installed on the 5th Oct we still haven’t been able to buy our first package, I’m a little concerned as the electricity is running low, the app says , the meter readings can take a few days to undate, but it’s been well over a week now, any info would be appreciated

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Power up pay as you go

This problem was reported over the weekend and SP are dealing with it. You can make a payment by phone if the App is not working, 0800 027 0072.

I don't think you are on PowerUp which is a completely different service to Pay As You Go.

posted by cathyjoy | 12 months ago
Re: Power up pay as you go
Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll phone them when I get home.

Top answer

posted by  Eilidh | 12 months ago
Re: Power up pay as you go

Hi @cathyjoy, sorry to hear you're having issues topping up.  The smart prepayment fuctionality isn't available in the PowerUp app, it's currently only available in the ScottishPower Your Energy app.  Can I ask you to try downloading the Your Energy app and check if you can top up then?


posted by cathyjoy | 12 months ago
Re: Power up pay as you go
Thank you Eilidh,
I’ll download the your energy app, I think I was miss informed, when our smart meters were installed I was advised to download the power up app as we’re pay as you go customers.
Kind regards