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posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: PowerUp app does not accept payments

Hi Mab

This is the email


We're changing your current PowerUp tariff to a fixed term tariff - let us explain why

Dear Mr,

We hope you're enjoying the convenience of using PowerUp to manage your energy account.

This email contains important information about your PowerUp tariff. From 1st May 2019 we will be changing PowerUp Variable to a fixed term tariff and renaming it 'PowerUp Fixed November 2020'. This means your current PowerUp Variable rate will now become a fixed price, which will be protected from any increase until 30 November 2020, at which point this tariff will come to an end.

See what this means for you
As a result of the change set out above, we're making some other amendments to the terms and conditions of your PowerUp tariff, this includes:

You won’t be able to purchase new packages after 29th November 2020.

All pre-paid packages of energy will expire on 30th November 2020 and you will be refunded the value of any energy not consumed at this time.

We’ll write to you before your tariff ends to explain out what happens next.

We've provided more information about the changes to your tariff in the Principal Terms and the Terms and conditions - please read these carefully.

These changes do not affect your prices and therefore your current estimated annual costs on the PowerUp tariff which shows what you would pay for the next 12 months if you don’t purchase any energy packages. You can find this estimate in your latest bill alongside an estimate of your annual energy usage, or we can provide this to you if you contact us.

What happens next?
There's nothing you need to do. Simply continue to purchase your energy through the App. It's worth remembering that the cheapest way to buy energy on our PowerUp tariff is to purchase our energy packages on the App (available in DayPay, 1, 3 or 6 month options). In line with your existing terms and conditions for packages, remember that the costs of each package will vary depending on how much energy you buy and when you buy it.

You always have a choice
If you prefer a different ScottishPower tariff, simply log in to your online account to compare our available tariffs and see whether you could save. You'll find information to to help you compare PowerUp to other tariffs, including your estimated annual costs and how much energy we estimate you will use in the year. If you have not found a ScottishPower tariff to suit your needs, you have the option of switching to another supplier.

For any questions about these changes, please call us free on 0800 027 0072, we're open Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday 8:30am to 6pm.

Thanks for being a ScottishPower customer.