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Read my trust pilot review. I'm appalled - as are so many customers!

posted by Byron | 6 months ago

If someone is listening - read this review on Trustpilot and the many other dissatisfied customers who have also written a review.

It's now almost a month since  I reported my issue concerning Power Up. Each person that has promised to return my call has not called me back. I've also been subjected to such rudeness by a customer service agent who clearly was not trained on Power Up because she fiercely defended that Scottish Power has never accepted credit cards for bill payment - that is not how Power Up works. I shouldn't have to keep chasing and re explaining the issue with my app. I did this exact thing over a two month period back in Jan, just to sign up to the app in the first place. The process to deal with something so simple was a merry-go-round all the way. The same is happening again. It's as if you call, the person holds the phone away from their ear and when they think you've finished with your explanation, they say let's schedule a call back. You agree a time and wait for the call. Nothing. You check your voicemail several times for the next day or two. Nothing. Then you're forced to call again and start the explanation all over again. NO ONE IS LITERALLY LISTENING and frankly I should bill for all the time wasted and the distressed caused.

My app won't accept payment for a new energy bundle. It's that simple. I've called and I've called and I refuse to call back to explain myself to get it sorted. Scottish Power, you are a disgrace to put good customers through such a poor standard of service.  It is tremendously stressful dealing with the day to day of life and getting things done. Sorting your energy bill should not be this stressful. You should be able to help very quickly because it is your service that you offer and we look to you for help when something isn't right with the service you offer. If you don't communicate or claim you can't help with your own service, then we are doomed and you should not be in business.

Enough is enough. Octopus Energy seems to have fantastic customer service if Trustpilot reviews are right. I know where I'll be looking to next.


posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Read my trust pilot review. I'm appalled - as are so many customers!

When you can clear £123,000,000 profit for your Spanish owner in just one winter quarter, you don't NEED to listen to your customers.

posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Read my trust pilot review. I'm appalled - as are so many customers!

Hi Byron, sorry you had so much PowerUp trouble, I am on PowerUp and although I had troubles to start it now seems to be stable and working. However SP have taken the web page off their site and I don't think are taking new customers. It was undoubtedly very troublesome to get it going and I hope they do not decide to wind it up altogether. For me it works well and saves  compared with a normal fixed price Direct Debit deal. 


posted by Ernie_C | 6 months ago
Re: Read my trust pilot review. I'm appalled - as are so many customers!

I agree. PowerUp was always given beta status and issues should be expected. That, of course, is not an excuse for not having an easily accessible support mechanism.

I too had setup issues but am now a happy customer getting the benefits of this innovative approach to buying energy.