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The End of PowerUp

posted by Davc | A year ago

Email from SP today 31/3/19 to say that PowerUp is ending on 30/11/20. It’s a pity it was a good idea.

It has been closed to new applicants for over a year and it is not really surprising that it is being completely closed. 


posted by Winners | A year ago
Re: The End of PowerUp

Great shame Powerup is ending I thought this was a really good service have never had a problem with it. Not really sure now whether I will stay with Scottish power unless they can find another way of providing cheaper power with upfront payments. Will be looking around as soon as Power up stops.


posted by gilgra | A year ago
Re: The End of PowerUp
Such a shame PowerUp is going. I really like it. Hoping to continue with it until it ends next year - unless they ramp their prices up. Might even end up leaving Scottish Power after almost 30yrs Smiley Sad