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posted by Lynnell | 4 months ago
Re: what rates am i on?
Your post is 9 months old - and obviously nothing has changed - I have opened everything there is to open and have come across no reference as to WHAT MY TARRIFF IS!! Lots of nice graphs showing my consumption and how much I have used and paid, but nothing about what the tariff and standing charges are. How can I tell if I'm getting a good deal when renewing if I don't know what I'm currently on!.. I'm bored now, tomorrow I'm going to switch, I don't care if it costs more, how can you trust a company that won't provide easy access to basic information.

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: what rates am i on?

@Lynnell  Yes it is hard to find. Your bill is the answer. Page 2 shows which tariff you are on and your annual kwh usage. The Page 3 calculation shows the p/kwh and standing charges.

To check other tariffs you have to fill out a form on the Our Tariffs page on line.

posted by garytaylor | A month ago
Re: what rates am i on?

I have spoken to three customer advisers on the telephone  to ask what Kwh rate I am on.

Jamie said on 02-10-2019  it is16.4pKwh

Carol said on17-10-19 it is 20.095p Kwh

Lewis said on 25-10-19  it is 13.456Kwh.

I have tried to look for my Kwh rate on my internet link to my account but I can not find this basic information?

posted by garytaylor | A month ago
Re: what rates am i on?
I have the same problem I am a new customer, when I received my rate confirmation in the post it was higher than I was advised by the tele sales person. Each time I phone customer services to clarify the rate I am on, I am given a different rate. I can not find what Kwh rate I am on using my internet account service.
Am I missing the link, can anyone help.

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: what rates am i on?

@garytaylor    The easiest way to find out is to look at your online bill in your internet account.  This give the p/kwh aand the daily standing charge.

note that the bill uses p/unit without vat which is added at the end of the calculation. Often SP quote a rate including the 5% vat.