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what rates am i on?

posted by Sharkey | 2 months ago

Why do Scottish Power make it so hard to see what unit rates you are on ?  I'm finding I have to look at the "Tariff Information Label Lookup" in order to look at indivitual KWH charges for Gas and Electric.  It would be easier just to have a single "Transparent" view of all KWH rates and the Daily standing charge associated so that it is easy to project the true cost of your tarrif based on your estimated consumption.  This in my opinion is an attempt to create confusion in order to profit from those who dont have the patience to seek out the best deal.

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posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: what rates am i on?

I sympathise with your view, but it seems that SP offer too many tariffs/regions and cannot put it all in one summary file. The look-up facility is hard to use, and gives all values including 5% VAT although our bills are shown without VAT which is added on at the bottom of the calculation. Easiest way to check your data is to look on your bill.