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Reconnection instructions for any Prepayment Smart Meter off supply from 14th of Sept

You may have experienced some problems with your prepayment energy supply today. If you have then we apologise, but you are now able to reconnect by following some simple instructions.
Please note: If you have already followed these instructions and your supply is now restored, no further action is required. 

To re-enable your electricity supply:

From the home screen on your meter, press the middle button and your supply will be back on.

To re-enable your gas supply:

  1. Turn off all your gas appliances, including your boiler.
  2. Press the middle button on your gas meter.
  3. Press and hold the middle button. The gas meter will attempt to open the valve.
  4. Once the gas appliance check has been completed by the meter, it will display ‘Gas Flow Check Successful’.
  5. Press the middle button. Your gas supply will now be on.
  6. If you still have gas appliances that are on, the valve will re-close (this is a safety feature). If this is the case, the process will need to be repeated with another check. Make sure your gas appliances are off before retrying.

Updated by Gordon | 15 Sep 20

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