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Smart Pay As You Go FAQs

1. How do I get started on the app?

 Once your smart meters have been fitted, you’ll soon be ready to start topping up with ease. It will take a few days for all our systems to update and your app to be ready but don’t worry we’ll make sure we leave you with enough credit to see you through.

If you’re already a YourEnergy app user then simply log in to your app as normal. Before you start you need to make sure you have the most up to date version of the app.  You can check this by entering the App or Google Play Store and checking if there are any outstanding updates pending for the ScottishPower Your Energy App.  You will then be taken through welcome screens which introduce you to the changes that have been made for Smart PAYG.

If you haven’t yet downloaded your app then do it now, it’s free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play. If you already have an online account then simply use the same login details for the app. If you’re not registered for an online account you can do so on the opening screens of the app or by visiting www.scottishpower.co.uk. Remember to have your account number and postcode handy as you will need these.

2. How do I top up on the app?

 Topping up has never been easier. Top up from anywhere at any time via your app from your mobile or smart device.

  1. On your home screen, switch between your gas or electricity account by selecting the relevant icons which are displayed below your balance. Once you’ve selected what fuel you want to top up, you can then click the top up button which is on the top left hand side of your home screen.
  2. There are two different ways you can top up. The first way is to use the plus or minus button to choose how much you want to top up by. Or alternatively, you can choose to enter the value you wish to top up manually.
  3. The first time you top up you will need to add a payment card. Once you have added this payment card it will be stored for you to use every time you top up (you can register as many you like)
  4. A confirmation screen will then show you your UTRN (this will also be sent to your email address for your records)

3. How do I keep track of my balance and my energy usage?

You can keep your eye on your meter balance through your app and also via your IHD. Your app will show your meter balance near real time and your IHD will give you a completely accurate view of your balance at all times. Your in home display (IHD) allows you to keep track of your usage and set yourself budgets. You can view your daily, weekly and monthly usage to keep on top of how much you’re spending.

4. I have chosen Pay As You Go so why do you want my smart meter readings?

Your new smart meter records your meter readings much like your current gas and electricity meters. The difference is smart meters regularly record how much energy you’re using and send the readings to us. 

How frequently we receive your readings is completely up to you, however we would recommend daily reads. You can choose from half-hourly, daily or once a month. You can set, change or update your preferences at any time through the update details section of your app or by visiting scottishpower.co.uk/updatedetails.

If you don’t tell us which you’d prefer, then 7 days after your smart PAYG meters have been installed we’ll collect the data daily.

The data we receive from your meters contains no personal information whatsoever. It is simply a record of your energy usage. We will only use this information to: Provide you with accurate bills, forecast energy usage more accurately, so we can buy the energy more efficiently and offer you energy efficiency advice to help cut your bill.

If you’d like independent advice about your rights and choices around the way we collect and use your data, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be happy to help. Get in touch with them at www.ico.org.uk or on the ICO Helpline: 0303 123 1113.

5. How do I get my emergency credit on my smart meter(s)?

Your IHD will give an audible and visual alert when your meter balance is running low. Your smart PAYG meters will also give you an audible alert. Remember you can keep an eye on your balance on your app too.

If you’re running low your first step should be to top up your credit – via the app. However, if for some reason you simply can’t top up right away, you will need to apply your emergency credit directly at your meter.  Remember you will only be able to access your emergency credit when the meter gets below £2

When emergency credit is available the ‘emergency credit’ icon will appear on your IHD. To physically apply your emergency credit you have to do this manually at the meter.

Your electricity / gas meter will show you that emergency credit is available and will ask you to either ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the credit. When accepted the meter display will show you the ‘remaining amount’ of emergency credit available.

Once accepted the IHD will show the emergency credit symbol on the home screen and you can then move between screens to see both your balance and the emergency credit amount you have left.

6. I can’t top up through the app right now – what can I do?

Don’t worry. If you cannot get access to your mobile remember you can download and top up through the app on any smart device e.g tablet/ipad.

7. I have had to cancel my bank card – how will I top up?

If for any reason you can’t top up against the bank card you have registered in the app then don’t worry, you can register as many card as you like. Simply go back to the <name of app screen> and follow instructions for registering a second card.

8. What happens if my smart PAYG meter runs out of credit?

Nothing changes in the smart PAYG world. You will be alerted via your IHD that you will need to activate your emergency credit at the meter.  Remember you will only be able to access your emergency credit when the meter gets below £2.

9. What if I can’t apply my emergency credit or I’ve already used it all?

Your energy will disconnect and you will go off supply – but don’t worry, all you have to do is top up via the app and then follow the instructions on your gas and electricity meters to reconnect. Remember that when you top up you’ll need to top up enough to pay back your emergency credit and cover your ongoing usage. Note: Remember when reconnecting your gas supply it is essential that you switch off all gas appliances in your home before doing so.

10. How much credit will I need to add if my meter goes off supply?

 Your meter will always continue to take the standing charge and Debt Recover Rate, even if the meter goes off supply.  You will need to check the Accumulated Debt Screen on the meter to check how much you owe.  That means that when you top up to reconnect your meter, you’ll need enough money to cover any emergency credit you’ve used, and any standing charges and debt that weren’t paid while you were off supply.

11. Why does my bill not match my In Home Display (IHD)?

The IHD calculates your consumption using your current tariff's unit rate and daily standing charge.  It does not take into consideration any VAT discounts or debt repayments which are included on your bill.  If your IHD unit rates do not match whats on your bill then this is normally due to a recent price or product change.  Please allow up to 7 days for these changes to be reflected on your IHD.

12. Why can't I top up at PayPoint or Post Offices anymore?

Smart meters are the new digital generation of meters and so they open up new and digital ways to pay for your energy. Having a Smart PAYG meter means you no longer have to nip out to top up. We want to make topping up as easy and hassle free for you as possible, which is why you now top up from your sofa rather than the shops.

13. What happens if I want to switch suppliers?

Firstly, we don’t want you to leave us but if you do look to move to alternative supplier then we will work with you through your switch.  Once you have told us you want to leave we begin the transfer to your new supplier. On the day of your transfer we will switch your smart PAYG meter to credit mode.

14. How much of my PAYG credit will go towards repaying my debt?

Before we add any debt to your meter, we will agree a debt payment that works for you and we let you know an approximate date when it will be paid off. We’ll then simply take that amount from the credit on your meter. So credit will run down on your meter as below, the amount of energy you’ve used, our daily standing charge and your agreed debt repayment. Remember to top up your meters to cover your standing charge and debt repayments. Otherwise you might come back to find you’ve run out of gas or electricity – or both.


Updated by Eilidh | 3 Jul 18

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