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Smart Pay As You Go FAQs

What’s the difference between traditional prepayment and smart PAYG?

It’s easy; the difference with smart device PAYG is convenience. Top up from the comfort of your own sofa. However if you prefer, you can still top up at your local Post Office or Payzone outlet. You will receive a separate barcode for gas & electricity which you will need to keep safe. But using the app on your smart device means you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or worry about finding your barcode letter.

How do I get the free app?

Topping up has never been so easy. Before your new smart PAYG meter is installed please make sure you download the ScottishPower - Your Energy App. If you already have an online account then you’ll be set up to go. If not, simply register for an account on the home screen of the app (be sure to have your account number handy). Once your meter has been installed you will be asked to register a debit or credit card number for your account, and that’s it. You’re good to go.

So how do I top up through the smart PAYG app?

Once you have registered your debit or credit card, you’re ready to top up. Simply select the Top Up icon on the home screen. Here you will be able to choose between gas & electricity and decide how much you want to top up. You can top up from as little as £1 for gas & electricity and your credit will be applied to your meter. The payment will then be taken from your registered card. Remember, normal timescales apply for the payment to show in your bank account. Please allow up to an hour for the credit to appear on your meter.

What if the top up fails?

If, in the unlikely event that the top up fails, you can enter your 20 digit UTRN into the IHD or into your meter to apply the credit. Every time you top up through the app a Unique Transactional Reference Number (UTRN) will be displayed. This is just like a receipt. So if the top up fails, you can simply type the UTRN into the smart meter and the credit will be applied. If you top up in a Post Office or Payzone outlet you will get a printed receipt which has the UTRN on it. You will receive an email with your UTRN included which means you have a record and can use this to top up your meter manually.

How will I know my balance and when to top up?

Your PAYG meter will come with a free app and In-Home display monitor that will clearly tell you your balance in near real time without having to check the meter at the back of the cupboard. The IHD will also alert you if your credit falls below £2.

Can I top up at my local shop?

Yes, you can top up with cash at your local Post Office or Payzone outlet, using the barcode that you will receive from ScottishPower in the post, or using the barcode displayed on your app. Find your nearest Post Office - www.postoffice.co.uk/branch-finder and find your nearest Payzone outlet - www.payzone.co.uk/consumers

What happens when I am running out of credit?

Don’t worry, your IHD will alert you when your credit falls below £2. It will make a sound and it will also flash on the screen. When your credit falls below £1 your IHD will indicate that you can now access emergency credit.

What happens if I do run out of credit?

If your IHD alerts you of a low balance, then remember you can top up at any time and from anywhere. If you need to use your emergency credit you can now apply your emergency credit via your IHD as well as at your meter. You will receive meter & IHD guidelines on day of install which will give you full instructions on how to do this. Next time you go into the app to top up, you will need to top up enough credit to pay back the emergency credit and for your normal usage.

What will happen to the credit on my old meter?

If you have more than £10 of credit, we will transfer the exact credit amount from yourold meter onto the new smart meter. If your credit balance is less than £10 we will top this up to leave you with a £10 credit balance to see you through until you’re ready to top up. This will be taken into account when your account is billed.

What will happen to any debt on my old meter?

Following the installation of your smart PAYG meter you will receive a statement withyour balance & proposed weekly debt recovery rate. It may take up to 28 days for theoutstanding debt to be applied to your new meter. Remember when topping up youneed to cover the debt and ongoing usage

What if I’m unable to go to a Post Office or Payzone outlet?

You can top up via the “ScottishPower – Your Energy” app.  Simply download this app and register your bank card to take payment and it will top up your meter. OR contact ScottishPower customer services who can take a payment and top up your meter remotely.    You payment will create a UTRN (a unique reference) that will be apply the value of top up to your meter. 

What if I’m unable to manually enter the UTRN to my meter?

The UTRN will remain active and could be entered by a family member or someone else in the household

What happens if my credit runs out and I haven’t been able to top up?

You will have £10 emergency credit that can be used until you can top up.  You will also be protected by the friendly non disconnect period, which applies for both electricity & gas smart meters, installed by ScottishPower. This lasts from 6pm – 9am each night and also all day Sunday (& bank holidays).  Please note that when the friendly non disconnect period ends you will need to pay back any energy you have used during this time.  This protection will work if your supply is on at the time it starts.


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