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Can't install smart meter as gas meter in not in weather proof housing

posted by Stevo | 2 years ago

Our gas meter is located in a home-made box rather than the typical plastic housing.  It's been like this since we bought the house.  When the smart meter install people arrived they said they can't swap over the gas meter as it's not currently protected from the elements.

Is this up to ScottishPower to rectify?

I wonder if I can buy the housing myself and fit it when they come to do the swap over - but I don't want to buy it if the installers aren't going to co-operate during the swap-over. It could possibly slow them down a bit.

Or should I just forget about the whole smart meter swap over as I'm pretty much on top of my gas and electriticy usage anyway?

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posted by  Eilidh | 2 years ago
Re: Can't install smart meter as gas meter in not in weather proof housing

Sorry to hear you have encountered a delay to having your smart meters installed. I can confirm our installers may abort a planned installation where they feel the current properties meter box is not compliant with current H&S regulations. I can also confirm the responsibility of the meter box is the property owner as it comes under the standard fixture and fittings of the property. I have noted your proposal to change the box yourself and I believe our appointed installer for your area, Lowri Beck would be happy to work with you on a mutually agreeable appointment where you can arrange for the removal and installation of the new meter box at the same time as the meters are exchanged. I would ask you to contact Lowri Beck on 0808 156 9150 to arrange your appointment.