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Did'nt ask for one and don't want one !!!

posted by Tonydidit | A year ago

I have recently swapped suppliers from BG to SP.Now Scottish power have told me unless I get a smart meter installed they will have to put me on a higher tarif ? I have valid reasons for not wanting a meter fitted that was before I read on theses boards of the problems with fitting and readings. I want to know if I can now change to a new supplier who don't dictate in a draconian way what I should or should not have installed in my home ? ta.

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posted by panicked | A year ago
Re: Did'nt ask for one and don't want one !!!
Dont get one ever, see truat pilot site. Companies cant read each others “smart” meters so you can’t switch or you will get extortionate estimated bills for rest of contract. Scottish power cant even read their own meter now ive switched back. Biggest con by the energy companies (and that’s saying something).
Dont get smart meter ( wish i’d known).