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posted by elisha77 | A year ago
Re: EV Tariff
I am in the same position took an age to get someone to set up the tariff and it is now not being billed correctly. I have made complaint after complaint and still not getting anywhere. Now escalated to CEO complaints

posted by powerev | A year ago
Re: EV Tariff
Took me months to get onto the SP EV tariff - service was so bad i decided to jump ship in march 2020. Final bill was estimated even although i was using a gen2 smart meter. No info on consumption rates for the nighttime rate. I have not paid final bill but get regular threatening reminders. Have been thro the SP complaints process, no joy & now complaint is with ombudsman. Seems SP have a separate ombudsman complaint department!! ...but still unable to give me relevant readings & consumption figures.

posted by Jmiller | 6 days ago
Re: EV Tariff


I am very reluctant to get a smart meter but Ive got an electric car so its booked to be fitted on 3rd dec now i cannot get a price for the ev tariff untill the smart meter is fitted!! so i have no idea if i can get this tariff in the first place ( word is they are rare)and if they recoupe the cost back during the day or not?

problem is i then cannot get rid of the smart meter! anyone advise?


posted by DavC1 | 6 days ago
Re: EV Tariff

@Jmiller    Any EV tariff must involve a Smart meter in order to charge the cheaper rates for the car than for the general household.  Once you have a Smart meter fitted you will need to keep it, but you may find cheaper deals than SP by going with a different supplier.  Don't put off having a Smart meter, it is the only economical way forward for car charging.