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EV Tariff

posted by brianmccuk | 3 years ago
Im really confused. Ive been looking at the ev tariff that is advertised on the SP site. It indicates the benefit of getting cheaper rates between 12 and 5 am but when you do a quote and look at the details it only indicates a day time rate and the nighttime rate as n/a. Has anyone had this before? I phoned SP today and they said I need to get this tariff through uswitch which seemed strange as it is advertised on the SP web site? I have a SP smart meter installed.

posted by EVeryMAN | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

I have had the same experience.  When I called customer service, she said she could not offer me the SmartPower EV Tariff  and I would have to switch via my online account.  I told her I had tried this but the tariff is not given as an option.  She asked me to hold which I did for about 5 minutes and then the musak stopped and the line went dead.    Come on SP, you can surely do better than this??

posted by DoctorStrange63 | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

I havr had the same experience.  Despite getting marketing emails directlyu from SP re their EV tariff, I cannot find any links to apply for this on their website.  It is not offered as a renewal option for me.  SP can you please sort this out?  Last time I rang you I was left waiting for 15 minutes and thr line then went dead.  Very pooor customer service. 

posted by cockingg | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

I have also been trying to get on to the EV tariff without any joy. No one has heard of it when you ring the normal number to change tarrifs. I am sometimes given a number to ring in the “Smart” department who promise to look into it. If I try through the Scottish power app, it tells me I am not eligible as either I am not currently on a dual gas and electric tariff, don’t have a Scottish power smart meter, or don’t pay by direct debit. None of these are true in my case as I tick all three boxes. so frustrating and appalling customer service. I am currently trying to get the matter resolved through”Resolver”


posted by Gonville | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

Yes. This is a con.  

Customer care say they can’t do it has to be on,one via the chat in the app

Online chat say they can’t do it you have to contact customer care. 

They told me you can have it if you previously had e7 but they can’t do it. 

This is now subject of an OFGEM complaint is it’s anti competitive. 


Smets2 is not an excuse to keep people on higher tariffs. 

posted by Tomorrowman | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff


Sadly the situation has still not improved with regards getting this mystical unicorn known as the smaprt power EV tariff.

If you ask for a qoute online the request as rejected as not being valid because you either dont a) have a scottishpower smart meter,  b) have a current dual fuel tariff, or c) pay by monthly direct debit - Amsuingly I have all three but it seems to make no difference.

Then spent 2 hours wasting time on customer support via chat and phone being passed from pillar to post.

And why am I providing this pointless update to a forum that socttish power ignores - Because I am an enternal optimist and you never know scottish power might actually one day pay attention to it's customers.

And this from a customer who has spent the last 5 weeks fighting with scottishpower to a) get a tarrif change applied and b) get my account rebuilt after they destroyed it.

I appear to be a glutton for punishment but even my patience is wearing thing

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

@Tomorrowman   Hello, I see from this thread that the EV vehicle tariff causes a lot of problems. I have no inside knowledge but if I were you I would  just use my dual rate tariff (is it E7?)  for the car. It seems SP have marketed the EV system before they have worked out how to operate it, but as a regular Community reader I am not surprised. SP’s computer skills are not good, and customer services training does not cover the full range of problems. So good luck with your perseverance, the idea of an EV tariff is good but who would sell something without testing it first?

posted by Tesla_EV_Driver | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff


You can apply online, using this link: https://quote.scottishpower.co.uk/electric-vehicles
But if your experience is anything like mine, you will meet all of the prerequisites and get to the final "Change My Tariff" page, only to be greeted with a never ending spinning white wheel, on hitting the Continue button. I have tried multiple browsers and mobile, plus phoned a few of Scottish Power's customer service numbers, to be either passed around or told "you're not the only customer suffering this issue". Frustrating.

posted by cockingg | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff
Be careful what you wish for. The EV tarrif looks great, and after weeks of perseverance I managed to get on it. I am supposedly charging my EV between Midnight and 5 AM at 4.737P per KWH. The reason I say supposedly is that Scottish power have not been able to produce an electricity bill for me since I switched in April 2019. I have contacted them many times and get the response that there is an error on my account and their specialist team are trying to fix it. I have elevated my complaint through Resolver, and am 2 weeks away from being able to contact the Ombudsman. That is probably why they don’t want to put customers on this tarrif. They are unable to produce electricity bills for it.

posted by thevines | 3 years ago
Re: EV Tariff

Hi, I too changed to the EV tariff in August.  So far I’ve had two bills with gas only, no electricity.   The smart meter  is generating half hourly readings which I can see on my account, but no difference in tariff charged midnight to 5am.  I went through customer service and they raised a complaint on my behalf.  Four days later (last Monday) I had a call from complaints saying that they were working on the issue and I’d get another call by Friday.  I’m still waiting for it. Judging by the previous posters experience I won’t be holding my breath.  I’ll persevere for now!