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posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout
I hesitate to say change everything again but you would be better off on a single rate without the E7. Something for the future maybe?

posted by toneman | 3 years ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout
ok, I just tried to call them but the recorded voice told me waiting times was 3 hours and 45 mins !!! I dont have that much fight in me !!

posted by SPconfused | 3 years ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

Update on the my progress with Smart .meter with Economy 7.

i am afraid for me it was just bad news, since switch to the economy 7 smart meter the IOS app has been useless as cannot access any usage data so now way of seeing what I am using other than the in house display as the website does not support smart consumption at present (for me anyway).

i have gone from using around £95 to £100 worthier month  of dual fuel to almost double per month, I think not so contacted Scottish Power and they confirmed there was an error with the electric reading again as it charged the same units for day and night. The meter read I had used 110 day and 62 night, but the reading sent from the meter was 110 day and 110 night. So I had to contact them three times for them to agree the error was theirs and they cancelled the bill and generated a new one.

over the coming days I could see the app was still reading the day rate and night rate the exact same useage so knew something was a miss, I changed the frequency on meter sending reading to every half hour and the usage in the app now started receiving reading but were just so inconsistent as sone days I would £1.50 and other around £10 to £15 per day.

I sent over 30 emails and around online chats trying to sort the issues but got nowhere at all. I have been with ScottishPower for three years with no issue but in almost three months of this smart meter have been awful service as just constantly overcharged and had to chase sort it out.

then to top it all the poor reading being so high played havoc with the direct debit manager and it demanded £167 per month from a normal £98. Once they sorted all the reading my direct debit dropped back to under £100 but they had already taken my direct debit payment twice in the same month, they claim it was a clerical error and as the poor standard of reading had dropped double reading again put the account into debt. So they refused to refund on of the direct debits.

So the final outcome of all this is that ScottishPower are not ready for Economy 7 smart meters yet, I have given up trying to sort with them and started the process of switching suppliers.

I can be grateful I suppose as a result of this I have found out by switching from my fixed rate to another supplier I will save £343 per year.


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout
Thanks for that very clear explanation. Although smart meters can handle 2 rates it seems very easy to generate errors and Eco7 and smart meters do cause SP problems. Same with smart meters and solar generation, both best avoided.

posted by Sbahatu | A month ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout
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