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posted by Julz | 10 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

I had an engineer out yesterday to change a pre-payment meter to a monthly but because I’m on economy 7 it couldn’t be done! They told me March but I won’t hold my breath! 

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

Hi Jul. a lot of people on this community agree smart meters do not do E7. 


posted by Aldo | 10 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

well, despite SP themselves telling me several times that it can be done, and that "the smart meters work on any tariff",  the engineer turned up,  took one look and confirmed it cannot be done and said that he gets this all the time !

SP then sent me a letter appologising and crediting my account with £30 for the inconvenience.

Not sure what the next setps are though or when it will be resolved...

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

A few weeks ago one of the administrators gave a long explanation. Apparently it can work if all appliances are on the same circuit, but not when switching to a separate night circuit is needed. So it depends on the wiring in your property.  It is easier just to say it does not work with E7. 

posted by SPconfused | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

Be very careful if you want a smart meter with ScottishPower on economy 7.

I had one fitted about 6 weeks ago and the meter is defiantly dual rate electric as I have rate 1 and rate 2, so they are available BUT.

The problem comes with the billing as my first meter reading went through to ScottishPower to generate my bill, I had used 120 day unit and 38 night unit. The bill was the most expensive bill I have ever had and I could not understand why, I contacted customer service and was online chatting for a hour to get it sorted as they would not accept there was an issue as the where looking at the figures coming through to them.

i explained I had been charged for 120 units day and 120 units at night rate, they would not accept what I said. Eventually I stood in front of my meter and gave them the reading from meter and they advised it had reported incorrectly and quickly cancelled the smart meter bill and generated a new one for half the price.

i have just received my second bill from them and they are now stating I need to pay £185 a month via direct debit compared with £85 a month prior to smart meter install. Guess what bill is wrong again as it charged me 200 days units and 200 nights instead of 163 day units and 37 night units.

so got to contact them again to get it sorted. Not willing to do this every bill cycle so off to another supplier I think. 

So be careful as don’t think ScottishPower are ready for economy 7 smart meters even they are installing them.

posted by Donfor | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

That examples of Eco7 smart meter installation is what will drive me to return to SP since my 1 year with SSE.

Can someone please advise if eco7 smart meters are available to order on requests if so I'll sig n UC once SSE is cancelled.

Thanks     👐📡

posted by Aldo | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout
thank you SPconfused, if i didn't already know it this has convinced me that Scottish Power simply do not know what they're doing when it comes to Smart Meters and Eco7 !
I will stay well clear from now on, I'm a high energy user and try to run as much as possible on Eco7 and so cannot take any risks with them messing up, so until they convince me that they've got their act together I'm not pursuing smart meters anymore..

posted by toneman | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

I had a smart meter fitted three weeks ago and I have a Day rate and a Night rate showing on the meter. I have always had these two rates and always been told I am on Economy 7 and my statememt confirms this. 

Seems to be working well but I dont know when the Night rate finishes but it starts at 00:30 .

When I look online at my meter readings it is logging my Gas accurately but showing zeros for my Night Rate and the wrong figures for my Day rate. How often does the Smart Meters send their data to SP ? I assumed daily but maybe its a longer duration than that. 



posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

Hi Toneman.  Your economy 7 night rate lasts 7 hours, so it will finish at 7:30 am. You can set the frequency of readings in your account details online, options are monthly,daily,half hourly, the most frequent one is probably best. 

If you have a gas supply you will find it to be the cheapest form of room heating. Most people who have Economy 7 cannot get gas and use the cheap night rate to warm storage heaters that discharge slowly through the day.  Economy 7 is a tariff that has a cheap night rate but the day rate is slightly dearer than normal. 

Let us know if your smart meters continue to work well, they have been reported as troublesome with Economy 7 systems. 

posted by toneman | 9 months ago
Re: Eco7 smart meter rollout

Thank you for replying. I did answer some of your questions on another topic. and see here that you have advised I can alter my frequency of readingsonline in my account so I will look at that now.

Yes, I think me having the Economy 7 is a legacy from an old house with storage heaters. I now do not use the Night rate as much as I could so will now at least use the dishwasger after 00:30 to help a bit. I would like to use the Dryer on a time switch but after recent headlines I am a little reluctant..

Thanks for the help