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Economy 7 Smart Meter

posted by JohnFoord | 4 weeks ago

When my Smart Meter was fitted eary in 2019, I was told that Scottish Power did not have any meters that accounted for Economy 7, but that would be dealt with in the near future.

I am still unable to view my Economy 7 usage and I now require Scottish Power to arrange the fitting of the suitable meter for my property, so I can view my electricity consumption properly


Top answer

posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 Smart Meter
@JohnFoord. Hi. I think you are talking about the display unit not the meter.
I don’t think the displays can handle a day and a night rate but they will measure total kWh units. None of the displays are very reliable with costs and they often have the wrong tariff details.

posted by JohnFoord | 3 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 Smart Meter

Yes, indeed, the display unit.  However, how can I even be sure that the Economy 7 usage is being transmitted, or even if the Economy 7 meter is still there?  I read about people who have found out that their Economy 7 meter had been removed durinhg the Smart Meter installation.

Scottish Power say they are 'working on it' but other companies are installing dual rate systems, so the technology exists.

posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 Smart Meter

@JohnFoord   I understand your worries. You can ask customer service if they are getting two readings correctly. 0800 027 0072. 

posted by omendata | 2 weeks ago
Re: Economy 7 Smart Meter

Forget smart meters they wont save you money - are a fire hazard a security nightmare waiting to happen and are unreliable - just watch Bigclive on youtube give you the rundown on one and why you should not go with them.

None of the suppliers have standardised on them so it can also make switching a nightmare but then that is their game isnt it - trust no 1 dude stay with what has worked for years - i work in IT security and I would never have a smart meter!