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Email re smart meter

posted by JohnD | 9 months ago

We've received an email from SP, asking us to make an appointment for a smart meter to be installed.  However, the email also indicates that our current meters are being phased out, which we believe is incorrect.  We understand that the installation of a smart meter is not mandatory, but there is nowhere on the email to indicate that we do not want one.

We live in an area with very poor mobile signal reception and our meters are at opposite ends of the house on different levels, which we understand would present obstacles to the installation of a smart meter.

When we submitted our meter readings last month, we were also offered a considerably lower tariff if we signed up for it, which entailed expressing our interest in a smart meter.  However, we would not lie!

How can we get through to SP that we don't want a smart meter?


Top answer

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Email re smart meter

Hello JohnD. Smart meters are not mandatory and if you tell SP what you mentioned in your post; separated electric and gas meters and poor mobile reception, it should be sufficient for them to overlook you.  SP do not read the Community comments normally.

posted by Gilsypower | 4 months ago
Re: Email re smart meter
I usually enter my reading and pay online monthly and was informed my smart meter linked with my online account making paying instant. I cannot do this and would like to know why?

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Email re smart meter

@Gilsypower   The smart meters feed meter readings to SP, normally this raises a quarterly bill. You can get monthly bills if you send in monthly manual readings like you used to do. I suppose you can also make one-off payments to your account any time without receiving a bill. I would save my monthly payments in a bank account to pay off the quarterly bills. You can also set up a DD with SP if you prefer a regular monthly payment that does not change very much through the year.

posted by hornetsfc01 | Yesterday
Re: Email re smart meter

You have contacted me on two occasions regarding installing a smart meter, however I only rent this property and i'm not intitled to give you permission to instal one, please contact the agents, Colombs 01844 342424.


Kind regards


Andres Hermida

posted by Jonnel | Yesterday
Re: Email re smart meter
@hornetsfc01 Just so you and anyone else reading your post knows - tenants who pay for energy used directly to suppliers ARE entitled to a say in having or not having smart meters installed. Though it's more than likely your tenancy agreement says should you move on, you'll have to arrange for the meters to be taken out again, IF the landlord wants them taken out.

Only tenants who pay for energy through their rent or via the landlord have no say in smart meter installation at the rented property.

posted by Davc | Yesterday
Re: Email re smart meter

@hornetsfc01   Good advice from Jonnel, but also remember this is a user forum so SP will take no action on the phone number you gave, you have to tell customer service.