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Email re smart meter

posted by JohnD | 5 months ago

We've received an email from SP, asking us to make an appointment for a smart meter to be installed.  However, the email also indicates that our current meters are being phased out, which we believe is incorrect.  We understand that the installation of a smart meter is not mandatory, but there is nowhere on the email to indicate that we do not want one.

We live in an area with very poor mobile signal reception and our meters are at opposite ends of the house on different levels, which we understand would present obstacles to the installation of a smart meter.

When we submitted our meter readings last month, we were also offered a considerably lower tariff if we signed up for it, which entailed expressing our interest in a smart meter.  However, we would not lie!

How can we get through to SP that we don't want a smart meter?

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Top answer

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Email re smart meter

Hello JohnD. Smart meters are not mandatory and if you tell SP what you mentioned in your post; separated electric and gas meters and poor mobile reception, it should be sufficient for them to overlook you.  SP do not read the Community comments normally.