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Fitting new electricity meter box

posted by Mouldred | A year ago
I am a Scottish Power customer.
My electricity meter box is broken and loose and I want to fit a new one. I believe this is my responsibility and I need to buy a new one but who can fit this for me? Is it Scottish Power, a special installer or a local electrician etc?

posted by fiona | A year ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box
Have you managed to get your meter box fitted? We have the same problem and no one will do it!

posted by adrazz | A year ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

they are helpful here, aren't they?

The catch is broken on mine I would like to know who I can get to repair it!

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

I had no idea who looks after meter boxes until I googled it and found  https://www.meterboxes.co.uk/pages/repair-solutions and http://www.ritherdon.co.uk/responsible-repair-meter-box/

Seems it is now left to specialist commercial companies to organise meter box repairs and there are many to choose from.


posted by AnnetteB | 2 weeks ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

I had a call this morning but the man first said he was from 2 other companies before he said it was Scottish Power.

He wanted to fit a meter  but I had a new one fitted on 10th March 2014. Do they really only last 5 years?

I thought the call was a SCAM as he then went on to ask when I was home & for personal details. If he was calling from your company, he should have my details.  I told him I had doubts about who he was & hung up.

Please be aware of this.

posted by Davc | 2 weeks ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

@AnnetteB     There are a lot of new smart meters being fitted, but an appointment is always made and your call probably was a scam. It is a good warning for others who might get cold called about new meters. 

posted by shaz300555 | A week ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

Scottish Power contacted me a couple of months ago to say by law they needed to come and fit a new electricity meter and that at the same time they would fit me a Smart Meter.  The engineer arrived on 4th November as planned, but the weather was atrocious and as my meter boxes are both on the outside of my bungalow he was unable to change the meters.  He therefore said he would let you know and that someone would be in touch to arrange another mutually convenient date.  As yet this has not happened. 

Can we please rearrange for the new electric meter and Smart Meter fitting  date (though I only want a SMEG2 fitting and not a SMEG1).  The engineer who came out on 4th November assured me that his company are fitting SMEG2 meters but I need to be reassured that it will either be the same company or that the engineer who comes knows this is my request.  I am of course keen to get the meters updated and it was Scottish Power who contacted me about this in the first place.

Please contact me to arrange the new date/time slot.  Dont use my home phone number as I do NOT want my elderly mother taking the call. (Mod note: Post edited for privacy concerns)

Regards, Sharon 


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Fitting new electricity meter box

@shaz300555    Sorry the community cannot help with your details of your account, you should ask customer services 0800 027 0072.  SP say they are only fitting SMETS2 meters now.  If you do not want your home phone number to be used go to your account details online and change it to your mobile number.