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Gas smart meter pipe large guage

posted by eoz | 3 months ago
Hi I had a smart meter change booked for dual fuel. The chaps said they could only do the elec as the gas pipe in is large gauge and they can’t change it... anyone else had this?
I refused the elec meter change as it’s a dual fuel tariff so couldn’t see the point in having just one done. Any ideas?

posted by Jonnel | 3 months ago
Re: Gas smart meter pipe large guage

@eoz This came up a little while back, and it's bad news I'm afraid. Suppliers' ownership and responsibility for supply pipes seems to actually end at the outdoor shutoff valve either in the street or your front garden. The pipe run from the shutoff valve into your house, past the stopcock there up to AND INCLUDING the meter is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. That means if you accidentaly fracture it while digging the garden or want it moving to build, say, an extension, you have to pay for it. Changing the gauge of pipe to the modern standard would fall into that category.

You could try SP, and see if they'll meet you somewhere on the cost, or try claiming on your house insurance, saying it's a necessary upgrade - they might entertain it.

posted by eoz | 3 months ago
Re: Gas smart meter pipe large guage
Thanks for comment.