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General Smart Meter Questions

posted by entdgc | 7 months ago


Although I had my smart meter fitted over 12 months ago it has never caused me any concern. I vaguely monitor our daily usage and recently I have seen daily costs higher than I have ever seen before. I avidly monitor tariffs and believe I am on the cheapest SP tariff for me (other suppliers are a little cheaper but not worth a move). So here are some general questions re: smart metering for the general wisdom of the forum to answer.

1) I presume the costs indicated by the smart meter are a guide and the actual bill is calculated from uploaded usage data?

2) I think the main reason for my high displayed costs are that the tariff data bears no resemblance to the tariff I am on. When/how is this data downloaded to the smart meter? Can I change the tariff data?

3) This question relates to the usage data on the web. I cannot correlate smart consumption and energy consumption. So for October my Smart Consumption Graph shows 1375.85 kWh whereas my Energy Consumption show 518.57 kWh. The energy consumption agrees with the figures in the dashboard. Why the disparity? Are the units different (even though both graphs say kWh)? Which is correct? Why do we need both Smart and Energy? Which one relates to the actual billing data?

Any answers greatly appreciated.

I shall be monitoring the data much more closely for the next few months!

Thanks, Dave


posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: General Smart Meter Questions

@entdgc   Good questions, the Display often has wrong tariff data, it is supposed to be refreshed regularly but often does not happen. It is not your bill of course which is calculated on the SP computer in Glasgow.

As far as I can see there are separate data sets on the home display, the SP app and the internet account.The only one to trust is the internet account which probably gets its data from central billing,  the other data often conflicts.  It is a pity that in an attempt to give out more data and make account monitoring easy SP has caused a lot of confusion.

My method is to keep a spreadsheet of monthly meter readings but not everyone has the time for that.

What is not often realised is that we are all expected to look after our accounts and keep readings up to date. In the old days you could ignore the meters and leave it up to the meter readers, but those days have gone.  A major problem is smart meters not transmitting, and customers ignore the account thinking it is automated. Then after a long period of estimates an actual reading presents them with a bill for £500 or more.  A lot of customers have never had to take a meter reading and don't know how to do it. Ironic that the smart programme has brought all these problems up.


posted by entdgc | 7 months ago
Re: General Smart Meter Questions

Thanks Davc,

I will start to record meter readings (just in case). I can see meter readings on the display. I presume I can trust these as accurate, genuine readings direct from the meter. Would love to know why there is a disparity between the two online graphs, that sounds a bit dodgy.