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How do I obtain an In-Home Display?

posted by MalcL | 3 weeks ago

Hi, received letter from Scottish Power advising my meter had been upgraded to a smart meter and good to see that they are now automatically collecting my monthly meter readings.  However, i have not received an In-Home Display.  Can someone advise how i go about ordering one?  Thank you.


posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: How do I obtain an In-Home Display?

@MalcL   Normally the fitter gives you an IHD but as you were not aware a smart meter had been put in I suppose all your meters are outside your property and you were not at home.   You can ask customer services, a fitter has to pair your IHD to the meters so it means another visit from the fitter and you would have to be at home.  Sorry it's such a complicated process. . 

posted by avinashp22 | A week ago
Re: How do I obtain an In-Home Display?

i asked fitter for one today they said they don't give them out, but I want a in home display for both my smart meters can you send me them