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How to upgrade my IHD

posted by georges_n | 2 weeks ago

I currently have an In home Display (IHD) from Scottish Power that was installed in 2016. It feels primitive compared to other smart devices I have in the house. The battery on it is so warn out that it can only manage a couple of minutes unplugged before it dies.

I really want something better, hopefully something that I can connect to via wifi so I can see my usage when not at home and hopefully be able to log usage by the hour.

The smart meter that is currently installed in the garage is an SMTES1 Elster AS300P.

Can someone recommend a solution?

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posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: How to upgrade my IHD

@georges_n    You have the first generation Smets1 smart meter, it only works with Scottish power.   SP will not replace it so if you want a modern smart meter and IHD switch to British Gas, EDF or OctopusEnergy.