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posted by Jonnel | 3 weeks ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

Lower night tariffs have been around for almost 50 years in the guise of Economy7  and though some people know how to make best use of that system I suspect the majority laspe in their regime in the same way people nowadays lapse in monitoring their IHD figures to save energy. Those who have E7 know that the savings of the night rate is more than adequately (for the supplier) balanced out by the higher rate the customer pays for the other 17 hours of the day, so I see no Earthly reason to believe that when adjustable tariffs come in, ANY energy supplier will begin by saying: "Right, let's reduce peoples' bills for off-peak times but keep their rates as they are now for the 7 hours of the day they use most energy."

That's simply not going to happen. If the government believes the best way to reduce peoples' sugar intake is to put a tax on it, they'll condone energy suppliers reducing peoples' peak rate usage by increasing the price. That's how governments think - the easiest way to get people to do what you want is to fool them into using the stick on themselves.

No doubt they'll be sitting back and eating the carrot while they watch us eating our dinners in the dark..


posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

@Jonnel   Yes I think you are right, in future the day rates will be kept high for all, while the off peak will show a saving.   I don’t agree that E7 is a con, if you have night storage heaters it is much cheaper than a  single rate   Also variable rates in the future are to manage demand not simply to make money. All Big 6 are struggling to make a profit today and losing  out to newcomers for business. Power supply is not a good business to be in these days. The high cost of power is due to Green initiatives and the underlying cost of oil and gas world markets. 

posted by Jonnel | 3 weeks ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

@Davc  Oh, right. When you said this: "The idea may well be put into practice mainly  by off-peak tariff reductions." I thought you thought differently.

No, no-one ever said Economy 7 was a con, just that energy firms know that people generally have a problem with sustainability. Economy 7 users in general are far more likely to reduce any benefit of cheaper overnight rates by either forgetting, or simply failing to: use as many appliances to do as many jobs as possible during the night. Heck, I know some people who still go around at bedtime turning off and unplugging !

It'll be the same when variable tariffs come in, you mark my words. The government may think it brilliantly vote-winning to pacify current debate, showing how they're getting people to "eat less sugar" by making it more expensive, but those people who actually "make the sugar" will only ever see the inherent benefits of their customers' need to watch The Match at 5.30 pm or Corrie, or Eastenders, when electricity is at a premium. They're a business, they can't not.

And Iberdrola posted net profits for the first half of 2019 as being up 16% on 2018 - 2018 being 27% up on 2017. Only the British arm showed a slowing down of profits. SP made a paltry £44 million in the first quarter of this year, putting the decline down to Ofgem's price cap.

Bet they wished people weren't on SVR now...

posted by Simondalemon | A week ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
I don't want a Smart meter either, I opted out via some emai offcoml thing 5 years ago, I even contacted Scottish Power saying I do not want one, my neighbors bills actually cost a few pounds more than mine. The issue is that the EMF from smart meters is not what I deem safe, the spying on you factor. Many health concerns but no ones listening. Anynomous texts that cant be replied too and no phone number showing but saying this is Scottish Power ? but it isn't is it, it is a third party agent that fits smart meters from area to area. Why is it so important that everyone has to have device that causes ringing in ears and various reported illness in our homes. Scottish Power claimed the latter models to come would be better/safer et etc. The current ones are not made in UK, possibly China. I had a normal digital meter fitted 2 years ago and it works fine. I send my readings online, I do not see what the problem is.

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

@Simondalemon   Hi, you do not have to have a smart meter, it is up to you to decide.

You might miss out on some cheap tariffs if you do not have one, they may be used to reduce off-peak costs in the future.

On your point of medical safety the only signals are a mobile phone signal and a very weak radio signal to the Display. It is generally accepted that these give no risk, unlike the much stronger radio signals used in the USA. The meters themselves are bought from the cheapest reliable source, very often these days this is the Far East, everything technical that we own has been made in the East.  As for loss of privacy, the signals are encrypted , and who cares when your appliance turns on anyway?  So you can see that, although I am not a big fan of smart meters, I see them as part of modern life and no reason  to be scared of them.

If you read your meters regularly and send in readings you do not need a smart meter for now, but when they get to 100% installation you may see them differently.  It is a good idea to wait a few years.

posted by Simondalemon | A week ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
Okay! Thanks for your input, but I will not be wanting a smart meter or just accepting what one person say's in their defence as there are many people of expertise saying otherwise. I care if someone knows I have turned on an appliance in my home, and as long as I am paying for the use of the power, it's shouldn't be anyone elses business. Give them an inch they will take a yard so to speak. No doubt in many years to come technology will overtake the world via the manufacturing systems and the past will be the past. At this time I have a choice and I am sticking with that choice. My bills actually cheaper than my neighbors who has smart meter forced on her, an old lady of 78. She didn't want one, but was told she had to have it. She had no idea she could opt out. Her bill is not cheaper than before, I asked her So there you have it, I am happy as I am.

posted by AlanLWilson | 21 hours ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

I too am refusing a smart meter, I already do everything I can to reduce bills and save energy. I am on life long benefits and from what I have read, heard on the news and heard from people I know, these meters can overcharge you by thousands due to a glitch in programming. No doubt someone from SP will insist there is no problems but that is their sales policy, I have even been advised by money advice people to NOT get one installed.

Recently I have also heard of people falling ill due to the meters using above safe levels of wireless energy to 'talk' to the energy provider, fyi, this has been on BBC news, not just internet gossip. At the end of the day this is all about energy companies saving money by not employing subcontractors to get meter reading. Also, the amount that "apparently" can be saved is an over exaguration, simple change of habbits can save more money, like LED light bulbs, turning your lights off when not needed, don't use standby but turn off TV's computers etc when not being used. We even turn off our broadband at night, no point it being on if everyone is asleep. Don't charge devices overnight, most devices will continue to charge/dischage while connected to a charging point even when at 100% battery.

Only 2 things are powered during the night and that's the fridge and freezer which are both set to economy setting, you don't need to be a rocket scientist, just a little common sense. 

posted by Davc | 17 hours ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

@AlanLWilson   Hi, I agree with all your points except for the health risk. Mobile phone signals are so commonplace these days that if you worry about them you are in trouble because it is impossible to avoid them.

Otherwise, yes common sense economy is much better than having a smart meter, but eventually time-related tariffs will come in and then only smart meter owners can benefit.  I would advise waiting longer. but eventually it will become necessary (but not compulsory) to have one.  I dont work for any energy supplier and so far have not been given a smart meter.