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I don't want a Smart meter

posted by Smart | 2 years ago

Has anyone else tried to stop Actavo from continual stalking? I have repeatedly told Scottish Power and them that I do not want a smart meter. I have put in numerous complaints, and yet they still continue to text me to say they are in my area and will be round to fix a meter.  My specific complaint to Scottish Power was that I do not want one, and they responded by saying, we are aiming to fit everyone with one. Precisely the opposite of what I want.   Ironically even if I did want one, it is not possible to get through to Actavo on the phone; like Scottish Power, they just keep you hanging on, despite the fact my call is important to them!


posted by Ernie_C | 2 years ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

By continually declining, I’ve not been bothered recently.

I will not accept a smart meter until obliged to do so by legislation.

I simply don’t see the benefit to the consumer. 

posted by mickeydee2018 | 2 years ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
Hi, OFGEM has advised that all customers must be offered a smart meter you are perfectly within your rights to refuse it. If actavo are constantly contacting you I would raise a formal complaint with Scottish power and hopefully they will stop, if not the ombudsman will certainly side with you if it is unresolved. It is in Scottish powers to resolve it before then as they are charged by the ombudsman for each case they are required to investigate, it's meant to be an incentive for companies to resolve complaints themselves, it is of course free of charge for the customer complaining.

Full details here https://community.scottishpower.co.uk/t5/Complaints/How-to-make-a-complaint/ta-p/37

posted by mickeydee2018 | 2 years ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
PS smart meters are not compulsory if that wasn't clear, I saw ofgem correct eon when they advised a customer they must accept a smart meter on twitter,eon changed their tone pretty quickly😂😂

posted by Juri1959 | 2 years ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

I hve just been hit with a mail shot from Scottish Power telling me that my instllation for Smart Meters is iminent, i am not happy with this tactic, i too have viewed Ofgems Advice and it is not compulsory to have them changed, but no where on their literature does is say that, or offer an opt out tick box.

when/if it becomes legislation i *concede, but i strongly object to any data that this supplier gains from me 'go loose' to any source they choose.

*Measures will be in place to stop buisnesses just exposing data by legislation, at the moment they do as they please anyway. 

If anyone knows who to contact to stop them 'forcing their will' against mine, please let me know.




posted by Smart | A year ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

Hello all, Scottish Power have finally rang and said that they will stop Actavo pestering me.  To be fair to Scottish Poser, although I don't approve of their tactics, they are being put under pressure, as they will apparently be fined if all their customers aren't changed over by 2020 or whenever. Though I doubt if that will ever be actually carried through.  Not even sure if it is the UK government who is behind this either, it seems to be a Europe wide operation. However the UK is the only country that is making the individual companies do the work. In the rest of Europe it is being carried out by one company and all the meters are identical, which stops this mad situation of the meters losing thier smartness' if you swap suppliers.   This is the downside of privatisation. 

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
Quite right what you say about downside. All the services like mobile phones, rail tickets, power, broadband; use their own systems with little coordination, so we have mobile signal blackspots next to a big mast that happens to be owned by a different provider. Likewise with train tickets which are much too complicated, and fibre broadband where Virgin put in their fibres alongside Outreach - and so on. It must all add up to a huge and expensive duplication of infrastructure.

posted by Juri1959 | A year ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter
How can Scottish power be fined if the installation is not legislative, smoke and mirrors, nice try! Great way to make more money, sell data that costs nothing to get hold of from unsuspecting consumers.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

Hi Juri, The smart meter programme is set out by the government and watched over by Ofgem. SP can be fined if they do not achieve their targets but the programme as a whole is so far behind schedule many people think Ofgem will have to lengthen out the target date.

Individuals have the right to refuse a smart meter, but that does not take away SP's need to achieve the target. Many consumers are unwilling to accept a smart meter until it can be used with whoever the provider is, the smart meters at the moment are fixed to the installer's system and do not work as a smart meter if you change supplier.

The idea is that smart meters will eventually charge cheaper rates at times of peak supply and so even-out demand and give better management of the supply system.

posted by Notsmart | A year ago
Re: I don't want a Smart meter

I have had "Smart meters" for some time and still get estimated bills. The Smart meters do not seem to work at all and cause more problems than they solve. I have requested three times that they are read the meters at the most frequent interval but nothing changes, they have not been read for 50 days or more. The information on the screen is totally unreliable. The government says I can use them to save on power, how when they do not work? I was more in control with a manual meter, and now cannot change supplier, what a mess !!!!!