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I have left Scottish Power

posted by stevelench | 9 months ago

This seems odd, joining the COMMUNITY after I have left Scottish Power, but maybe this is the only way to communicate, as SP don't make it easy. You cannot email them, or reply to their emails, they don't have online chat, so the only way is to spend an hour or two on the phone to them. I have moved house, on 25th November, but SP insist on asking me to pay for the new residents of our sold house, for the energy THEY used from 25th Nov to 12th December - SP blame the Smart Meter (Not that Smart is it). I phoned and spoke to 2 different people, the first guy tried hard, but my questions were way too hard for him to understand ???? despite, in my view being perfectly simple. I don't mind paying for something I have used but not going to pay for someone else. My question is, how can you contact Scottish Power other than phone? and how do you get them to produce an accurate bill? I could go on with other complaints, but I have better things to do.


Top answer

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: I have left Scottish Power

@stevelench     Contact details


0800 027 0072

click Complaints and a chat window opens up.


posted by Jonnel | 9 months ago
Re: I have left Scottish Power
@stevelench No SP staff about. Best you'll get here is some suggestions on how to move forward - no answers, probably.

You say you moved house on 25th.... did you stay with SP or change supplier at the same time? (which I think is the case as you say you're not an SP customer) Reason I ask is that if you changed, your new supplier would have needed time to get your finals validated and agreed with SP, before adopting you.
Unfortunately that will mean the ball was in SP's court.

If you switched, SP may still say they didn't get sufficient notice, and will consider the outstanding time and usage between when you say you moved out and when they finalised their moving of you, to be your responsibility.
Scottish Power are like that, they don't particularly care who pays them, so long as someone does.


posted by SHELLEY-NANA | 7 months ago
Re: I have left Scottish Power
They have said I have used £249 in December just for gas when previously it was only 50 something pounds on contacting them they have no answers except the readings I have give them is that where they have worked things out.In conjunction with that they are now saying my serial numbers do not match my meter serial numbers they have on file. Submitted my meter readings and they still can’t accept anything. I’m trying to leave them but they keep putting a stop to it with the other company. I have gone to head office now with my complaint still awaiting a reply. Absolutely fuming with sp wish I have read reviews first before being took over due to other supplier going into liquidation

posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: I have left Scottish Power

@SHELLEY-NANA   Sorry to hear that, SP will not let you transfer to another supplier if they think you owe them money, all the suppliers do this. 

Make sure your meter readings are correct, you may not have given a reading for some time and been running on estimates, your bills will show you previous readings or estimates.  Also give SP the actual meter registration numbers as printed on your meters and if that  does not match their records tell them to send an inspector to check.

Once you have sorted out the readings and meter numbers you will be able to pay up and transfer away.