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posted by Bobby4 | 2 months ago
Re: IHD not displaying any electricity readings

@KayPnuts  has the solution to in-house-display (IHD) only showing gas usage, and the electricity meter not sending its reading to ScottishPower (SP).

It is relativly expensive to send someone out to re-enter the home-area-network (HAN) settings, such as paired devices; compared to getting their customer to send the readings online.

The modem attached to the electricity meter, collects meter reads from the other meters over HAN, the modem sends these readings to SP over the Capita Smart DCC the mobile phone network.

Energy unit prices are sent from SP over DCC network to the modem, the modem sends them to the IHD over HAN.

Meter software updates are sent from DCC, over DCC network to the modem, then to the meters over HAN. Although the electricity meter has a wired data serial port and power connection to the modem.

posted by Bobby4 | 2 months ago
Re: IHD not displaying any electricity readings
I think most smart electricity meters have 2 or 3 tariffs built in. I guess they could be used dumb like old Economy 7 (cheaper electricity units from 12 midnight to 7 am, black meter for all units, white meter for only night-time units).
Before smart appliances are commonplace, the IHD budget display may imply it is a good time to turn on the immersion-heater, alternatively it is not a good time to do the tumble-drying. When my IHD arrived, the budget units were set to like £1 per unit and the budget was exceeded in a matter of days.
Your meters can be read every 30 minutes and I assume the tariff could be switched likewise. The budget is a feature of the IHD, not as I see it the electric or gas meter, to allow you to plan your energy usage (that currently does not make sense with single tariff price).

posted by Bobby4 | A month ago
Re: IHD not displaying any electricity readings

My in-house-display (IHD) seems to be working on both fuels again

When entering my meter readings online, the suggested readings were almost correct.

Looked at energy usage page, and both electricity and gas were displayable in half-hour units.

Plugged in IHD and power on, initally showing only gas with no electric account details, then the details appeared and the "Now" button works again.